The State Of Hearthstone

by Den

About the author:
Den is a professional competitive player, coach, caster and content creator from France. Over the past five years, he has worked with Gamers Origin, Judge Hype, Gaming School, Crescent esports, and others. He currently represents Team beGenius. He went 5-4 in Masters Tour Arlington.

After running my mouth on Twitter, I felt fair to do what I was talking about and write down everything that I think could be improved in the current state of the game. This will be a mix of things that I felt were great previously but have been phased out of the game, in addition to some of my ideas to help push the game in the right direction. I’ve evolved in the competitive scene as a player and coach for a while now. There’s a big chance that this article is biased towards the more competitive audience, and it’s probably wrong to do so. However, I’ll try to keep this in mind while I develop my ideas.

For those reading my french articles on JudgeHype every week, there will be things that I already wrote over there. Keep in mind, some ideas I will express here have been widely inspired by comments or discussions I had following these articles. 

There will be a bit of everything, and I’ve divided this article into 3 main parts, environmental things, as in non in-games ideas, things directly related to the game but not specifically gameplay and then changes to actual gameplay mechanics. 

Let’s get into the actual thing. 

I. Around the Game 

I.a : Newly released content is not exciting anymore.

I think it’s been about a year now that this critic has been rising from different communities, and it has felt that way since they announced that they wanted to reduce the general power level of the game and ended up making the problem worse. The general feeling I see when new content is announced is leaning more towards “I hope they don’t fuck it up”  more than “Hey, new cards and things to do” like it was years ago. Of course, we got used to the expansion cycle, players got better at judging cards with rating streams becoming more and more popular from top players (alongside reveal streams), it feels that when the cards are available, the hype is already gone. 

While I don’t think it’s possible to change that trend entirely, there were things in the past outside of the expansion that helped make it hype, the best example I have is Ben Brode’s previous raps. It was stupid, it wasn’t going to make any cards or the game better, but it was damn fun. Seeing the game designer having fun and creating something around the game made us want to experiment and own the cards yourself. Bringing back unexpected things, and mostly more natural things instead of the same routine every single expansion could be a way to get the players more hyped about it. Everybody expects the same thing now, we get the theme, then a first stream reveals, then cards drop, then the final stream reveals and then the featured stream before the expansion launches. We also know that the expansion will have approximately 130 to 145 cards with 2 bundles you can buy to get cards and a new hero or card back. 

It’s a method that works, but habit is one of the worst enemies or excitement, and in the current state of the game, where players are already pessimistic about what’s coming, a bit of excitement could help to get things going in the right direction. 

I.b Casters don’t have enough materials to be entertaining for 10-hour broadcasts 

I think Hearthstone has the chance of having very, very good casters. Frodan has proved he could do anything from hosting to analyzing in-depth gameplay, Sottle and Raven have an unmatched synergy, Darroch is the funny guy that can make people laugh in pretty much any situation. We have talent at the desk and there are times where the casters are a reason to watch in addition to the actual content being shown. 

However, what I felt with this season of Grandmasters is that they just don’t have enough to talk about for the amount of time they are on air. There are very few stories about the new guys outside of what everybody knows already from just spending 5 minutes on their twitter. The  “legends” of this game are so well known at this point, and most of the streams so the audience already has a connection to them that I feel like I hear the same 3 or 4 facts on repeat about most of them. Also, there isn’t a wide enough metagame so that the caster could talk about matchups as much as it would be necessary. Even in a 6 to 8 deck metagame, the decks are too similar to be able to carry the broadcast. 

I don’t have a clean solution for this and maybe that’s just the thing with card games, since there are very few high-intensity moments, it’s harder to just get carried away. The little series during the grandmasters with the interview and such honestly feels like a missed try. And once we’ve seen them 3 or 4 times, it gets boring really fast. Maybe it needs to get more into getting to know the players instead of general questions asked to all the players. In France, we have Tars and he plays the trombone, and that has been featured on stream when he reached a championship some years ago. Well, I think I’d get bored of it if I saw every day 3 to 4 days a week while watching GM, but at least, this is something from Tars’ life and people either liking music or just liking his crazy attitude while playing it can connect to it. Mixing more personal interviews (which have happened too but more in the form of jokes) with general things could make it much more pleasant to watch and more diversified. 

Outside of the possibility of creating more content around the league, there is plenty of content created from independent organizers that could be featured. That would help to get more players in the discussion (and who knows, maybe future GM’s), promote Tier 2 tournaments which need it a hell lot, and just give more things to say to the guys in charge of entertaining us. And let’s be honest, the GM league will still be the ultimate goal for players and nobody will quit on it even if other tournaments are being talked about during those streams. 

These are the two main things that I wish could be worked on when it comes to the hearthstone ecosystem without actually touching the game itself. A lot of players have talked and explained why a Tier 2 and even a Tier 3 is necessary. I don’t feel like I have anything better than what these guys said about the subject so I will not develop on that. 

II. In game environnement 

Just to be clear, this part is about things that I believe are game-defining, which are part of Hearthstone’s Identity but I will not talk about actual gameplay mechanics in this, the third part will. 

II.a Class identity needs to be reworked or gone. 

Since that atrocious article about class identity and how they were defining the strength and weaknesses of each Hero in Hearthstone, I think I’ve only seen bad comments about it (and made some myself). Class identity as a concept needs to disappear, it can only lead to 2 things: less design space to try and fit the description they made, or the same design space as if it didn’t exist but people making fun of cards that make the article look silly: please, erase that thing. 

Outside of the article itself, class identity makes the game stagnant and some everlasting problems have never been addressed because “But that’s what that hero does, what do you want to do about it ?”. Well Malfurion, you and your mana ramping have destroyed metagames for too long, and mana is just too powerful to be an identity, I’m sorry. I could say the same about Thrall, whose identity is apparently to be the game’s best class or everybody else’s punching bag. I can’t remember without making research a metagame where Shaman was somewhere between third to sixth class in the game. Shaman has so many things attached to it (overload, elementals, evolve mechanic, spell synergy) that the class either has one busted thing where everything clicks together or is unable to assemble a 30 cards deck that makes sense. 

Changing this side of the game would probably go into Hearthstone 2.0 if it had to be done for real, but maybe there can be slight changes that already would help the game not fall in these toxic situations like the one it is in now. First, there cannot be an identity that relies on a game-defining mechanic like the mana. Mana-cheat has been the single best thing in the history of the game, we’ve had examples with Auctioneer and zero mana cards, then with Wild Growth and Nourish, then with Trogg or mana wyrm, then with Toggwaggle or Galakrond. Let’s stop making the mana an identity, it has to be the same for everyone or the game will never be balanced. In addition to it, identity doesn’t have to make every class special, the warcraft lore is deep enough and Hearthstone is old enough that mixing a bit wouldn’t be the worst thing. Which leads me to my second point 

II.b Every class should have access to the same basic resources 

The ability to draw, to damage, defend the board, and defend your hero should be available to every class as these are the things that make the game. If a hero cannot do one of these things, he does not fight with the same weapons as everybody else. The thing is, all these categories are pretty flexible when you think about it, and the only thing that matters is that players can find what fits them better from what every class has to offer. I think this is a thing that has been done pretty well over the years and has gone wrong this December when Galakrond came out. For the simple reason, that Galakrond gave some classes basics that other classes didn’t have, that created a difference between Galakrond classes and the ones without it, and there was unbalance through the 4 months of that metagame, and always in favor of the Galakrond decks. 

Right now, the metagame feels better than the previous for that reason, as every class has its way of doing things. The problem is just that some mechanics are better than others, but if we are talking about identity, I feel this metagame is pretty on point. The problem being there is no common ground so the better mechanic dominates and there is nothing the weaker ones can do about it. I see this metagame a lot like the Death Knights one, everybody had access to them, but the good ones dominated and the bad ones never saw play. But at least, if there were some changes needed to balance things back then, they knew where to change things as there was a common ground. Right now, we are on the 4th nerfs and it feels like the problem is still not solved. 

II.c What the hell is wrong with aggro decks? 

I know what’s wrong, it’s frustrating to lose to a deck that you couldn’t do anything against because the game went so fast. Well, I think it’s even worse to lose to a deck you couldn’t do anything against and it lasted for some time, and it looks like we’re headed that way. 

I’ll talk more about concrete changes I’d make to help aggro be back as a real archetype in the last part, but as a general game thing, there is a need for aggro in Hearthstone. First, because it’s not healthy for a game to not have a whole archetype of decks being represented, and most importantly, because midrange is the most powerful archetype in Hearthstone’s history and aggro is the natural counter to it in the general cycle of things. Lowering the power of aggro might feel good to players that don’t like losing to it, but this is a short term decision even business-wise. Because we’ve been in midrange dominated metagame for what feels forever now, and even if midrange is the archetype that usually allows the most things to happen, people will get tired of it too eventually, and it will be impossible to get out of it without rethinking the game entirely at this point. 

II.d Tournament formats 

I’m going to talk about it even though what was experienced in GM this season felt like a great first step. Specialist was a bad try, but the act of trying was huge, and I think the problem wasn’t the format but the state of the game. Last year, we were already pretty deep in that “This mechanic is better than the others” situation and Specialist emphasize that, and logically, it made the format look awful. LHS can fall in the same category as the best mechanics are more likely to 3-0 the other ones. 

The thing here is that the problem is not the format, it is the state of the game. And Conquest is not the best format, but it is the one that hides the best that state, and it looks like it’s the only thing that matters. Well maybe new formats could exist based on that reflection, one that we imagined with a friend for a tournament that never happened was a Specialist format with 2 bans. You submit 3 Specialist lineups, and when the match starts, each player bans one of his, then the opponent bans one and the set is played with the remaining one. This is just an example, I’m not saying this format would be good, it could very well end up in the same “We only see the same 2 decks being played as everyone brings the same 3 and bans the best one” situation. But the idea is that what Conquest does is make more decks being played as you know at least one player will have to play at least 3 different ones per set. And that information can be precious when trying to innovate new formats and promoting diversity in tournaments. 

Another way of doing it would be to have several formats being played in the top tournaments (especially Master’s tours) with one format on day 1, another one on day 2, and top 8 on day 3 for example. And then we can mix them however we want based on how much diversity we want on stream. Format 1 can be specialist and format 2 can be Conquest, but you are not allowed to have the class you picked for Specialist in your conquest line up for example. 

I don’t think I’m skilled enough to invent a format that would work, but the possibilities are much wider than what we experienced in Hearthstone so far. 

III Gameplay mechanics 

This part is about things I would do to change the way we play the game and try to bring either more design space for the developer or more balance for the players. Most of these ideas are probably work in progress and could use input from whoever wants to help them. 

III.a Balancing keywords by mixing them more 

As the game is now, Battlecry dominates every other keyword and did so even before Galakrond made it even worse. But outside of Battlecry, the important thing is the initiative. Hearthstone is a game of initiative and most of the mechanics based on tempo are better than the ones based on Value. That’s the reason why Battlecry and rush are so good, players struggle to wait one turn to activate their cards, as the game is too fast for that, they need to fight the initiative immediately. 

The thing is, at the start of the game, some keywords were designed to help against the opponent’s initiative, taunt for example. It is supposed to force your opponent to go through it, and that reduces what he can do with his initiative. The problem with taunt, and with other keywords based on minion combat, is that you pay your keyword with stats, and stats are the most important thing when it comes to minion combat. Rush works because you pay with stats but you get to decide on your action, with taunt, you don’t get the decision. The reason why Battlecry works is that no matter the stats, the Battlecry does the same thing. While a taunt minion’s strength is based on how much he can take, and how much he will deal when getting hit, since its purpose is to get hit. 

If we could mix keywords more between combat-based keywords and not combat-based keywords, there could probably be cards that would be much healthier while at the same time relying on combining existing things instead of having to create them. 

The worst-case scenario in Hearthstone is when the same player has initiated the whole game and the opponent is just dropping cards but never using them. That means the two players don’t interact at all, and that’s the biggest frustration possible. If we can stay away from that possibility of non-interaction, then the game can go in a lot of directions whether it’s aggro, midrange, or control strategies. And to me, the best way to avoid that is to give back some meaning to the keywords that are pushing interaction between the players. 

III.b Make the hero power great again 

Hero powers are what made Hearthstone unique when it came out, and the more time passed by, the more Hero powers became “well, I got 2 mana to spare” more than part of the deck’s strategy (except for Warlock and recently Demon Hunter). We have seen through the life of the game, a lot of ways to change our hero power and to give our deck new possibilities. And there is something I’ve heard a lot while never being able to answer it: why is picking your hero power only an adventure thing? 

We have been able to change it through heroes, quests, spells, minions… Maybe it is just time to make it that each class has several hero powers that you can pick from when building your deck. This would be a deckbuilding skill in itself and it would also be some information for your opponent to choose his mulligan from. Baku and Genn were too strong in what they were doing, but the concept was great and we had very stable decks in that metagame, maybe too stable if we think about it (especially the odd decks that were abusing their hero powers) 

In addition to making the game more diverse and offering new mechanics without actually needing new cards for that. This would also help create a more linear set of cards that could act as a real evergreen set since the difference in how you use these cards would come from the hero power you pick at the start. That would also help class identity, as it would be much easier to limit what a class can do as part of the flexibility would come from something that doesn’t change every expansion. That would also remove the high roll of drawing the card that changes your hero power or not, and in the case of Galakrond, the feeling of always playing against the same thing no matter who your opponent is. 

I don’t want to give each class a set of hero powers so that they can do whatever they want, I don’t think all classes should be able to build all archetypes at all times. This is crazy to think it’s possible to achieve and actually, might be a waste of time as the nature of a metagame will always take out the bad options by itself. But making what already exists in the game and giving each class more flexibility in what they are trying to accomplish feel pretty good. Each class is naturally drawn to a playstyle, but the thing is that it is only represented by the cards in our deck for the past year. I don’t think I’m creative enough to come up with good and balanced hero power for each class, and the ones from the dungeon run look too gimmicky or overpowered to be a quick answer that would already be in the game, so I don’t have an example of what I’m saying here, sorry. 

III.c Reworking the rhythm in weapon 

I’ll start with the way I would change it: Weapons cannot go face if the opponent has a minion on the board. 

Weapons are the cards that have the best tempo/cost ratio, and that’s logic because you pay life points in addition to the mana they cost when you attack a minion, but that’s not true when you attack life points, as you do not pay life points for that. That makes weapons the card that is the best at dealing direct damage for their price. Even if of course, they are locked by a taunt and can take several turns to deal their full damage. As taunt is a keyword that becomes worse as time goes, another way of getting it back into the game would find a way to give it to everyone under certain conditions. 

The main reason I like this change is that it would change the way weapons are used in aggro decks, as they are usually the best cards in the deck because they can be the finishing blow or a great tempo tool to protect our minion while suffering damage that we don’t care about (as we are trying to race our opponent anyway). Warrior for example, by having access to arcanite reaper, is capable of producing fairly easily a good aggro/face deck every time a set has enough minions to support that. As aggro is getting destroyed as an archetype in Hearthstone nowadays, reducing the power of what is usually the best card in the aggro deck could open tons of designs to rework aggressive decks and put more interactivity in their gameplay. Also, from a roleplay standpoint, the general protecting his troops so that they can do their job (attacking view), or the troops taking the blows to protect their leader (defending view) makes tons of sense. 

And the goal of this idea is not to destroy weapon cards but to center them around being interactive with your opponent in different ways. This change would although need to see some chargers or some direct damage spell make their way back in the game, but as said before, the goal is to open design spaces for the other categories of cards so aggro decks can exist. 

III.d Let the players play their spell whenever they want to 

Right now in the game, there are situations where some spells cannot be activated, for example, if you have a 7 minions board, you will not be able to cast animal companion. While you can play flamestrike if your opponent has no minions on his board. 

The thing is, sometimes I’m not playing a card for the effect, I’m playing a card because it interacts with something else and I don’t care about what is written on the card I’m playing. 

For example, maybe I’m in a hunter mirror and I have 7 minions. My opponent has a trap, I think it’s a pressure plate and I want to activate it. Well, I know my animal companion will not give me anything, but that’s not the point, I want a spot on my board and this interaction should give it to me. It always bothered me that some cards are always playable and others are not. Just let the players be responsible for their own choices. 

III.e Reduce complete random and favor contained random 

I think this is a pretty obvious one, but Box of Yogg-Saron is an abomination of a card and should not exist in any competitive setup. 

The thing with random is that it is not bad for a game, as it is also part of a player’s skill to be able to play with that random and see how much risk he wants to take knowing the random elements he has to deal with. Discover is a random mechanic for example, and I think it’s a great one. 

The completely random cards (very wide card pool, effects can vary a lot, ability to find cards that are not available for the class…) takes away the opponent’s talent at anticipating and preparing for what is coming. And even if it can create very funny situations, and as a viewer, I know I have enjoyed sometimes very crazy scenarios. I think controlled randomness is even better because it creates new situations and potentially crazy scenarios, but the players stay at the center of these scenarios, they are the one who picked the right cards, they took the risk of going for it… The random element is part of Hearthstone identity at this point and asking for no random would be a bad idea in my opinion. But centering the random around things that players can try to prepare for, by reducing the card pools card can be generated from, by giving more information on what could be generated and such things. That could keep the surprising element that is necessary to keep viewers entertained and make the game diverse (especially in times of having the same matchups over and over) but that would also empower the players that find an edge in that, but for that to happen, we have to give them a chance at doing so. 

Alright, I think I’m done with the ideas I’ve had so far, hopefully, it inspires people to share theirs. Thanks for reading all these 7 pages and I’ll be happy to debate some of these ideas whether you think they are good or bad. 

Team NoProsHere Conquest Meta Report #22

By NPH Pasca and WickedGood

The Twin Slice rework opened up the tournament metagame. Demon Hunter is still very powerful, but its decreased popularity made room for a greater diversity of greedier decks. We also saw interesting attempts at building lineups around Token Shaman to target Spell Druid.
The data shown here is from Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers Montréal #16 to #30.

Data summary from Off Curve:

Tier List:

Click on the players names to find out their lists and copy deck codes from Yaytears.

Meta Defining Lineups:
Tempo Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Enrage Warrior (Pain / funashi / Jobsad)
Spell Duid, Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (Hi3 / 자유조퇴권 / Melodys)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Quest Warlock. Enrage Warrior (Gunner103 / Linus)

Proven Lineups:
Highlander Hunter, Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest (Tidal / yoyo)
Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest, Control Warrior (承泰不要)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (IdanProK / Leta)
Galakrond Priest, Quest Warlock, Enrage Warrior (ZasZ)
Spell Druid, Highlander Hunter, Highlander Mage (Itzvan)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Dragon Druid, Bomb Warrior (Matteo)

Pretty Good Lineups:
Highlander Hunter, Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (あれっくす / Diamantis)
Dragon Druid, Highlander Mage, Enrage Warrior (ゆんゆん)
Dragon Druid, Galakrond Priest, Bomb Warrior (Sindo / levik / JUNIORhs)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Dragon Druid, Stealth Galakrond Rogue (KleinMao / Emperor / RaitO)
Dragon Druid, Resurrect Priest, Stealth Galakrond Rogue (Rjú)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Dragon Druid, Enrage Warrior (Sid)
Dragon Druid, Highlander Hunter, Enrage Warrior (sUnk3R)
Spell Druid, Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest (Hokage / min)
Dragon Druid, Galakrond Priest, Enrage Warrior (Dizdemon / Waldmann)
Dragon Druid, Highlander Hunter, Bomb Warrior (Choros)
Dragon Druid, Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest (Saddler)
Dragon Druid, Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (龜毛老頭)
Spell Druid, Secret Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (HSKeDaiBiao)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Dragon Hunter (Thanatos)
Spell Druid, Quest Warlock, Enrage Warrior (신명수)

Interesting Lineups:
Spell Druid, Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior (Memory)
Dragon Druid, Big Spell Mage, Secret Galakrond Rogue (Bravo)
Spell Druid, Resurrect Priest, Stealth Galakrond Rogue (saizo)
Resurrect Priest, Quest Warlock, Control Warrior (totosh)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Murloc Paladin, Token Shaman (Gucci)
Highlander Mage, Resurrect Priest, Control Warrior (nate)
Big Druid, Pure Paladin, Highlander Priest (drippyjackey)

Exclusive Interview With WEStone, The Chinese Player In Top 8 Of Masters Tour Jönköping

By NPH Pasca

348 Hearthstone players from around the world were competing this weekend in Masters Tour Jönköping. Warma, from France, took the first place.
We wanted to learn more about one of the finalists who performed on Sunday in the top 8 bracket. Like most players from China, WEStone is mysterious from a Western point of view, because of the sealed server and tournament system the country has. We are very happy that he agreed to answer our questions. Thanks to Conch and Adder59 for making this possible.

NPH: Tell us more about yourself! Where are you from? How long have you been playing Hearthstone? How many hours per week do you play? What are your favorite decks?
WEStone: I’m from Shanghai China, this is my 5th year playing Hearthstone. I devoted myself into competitive Hearthstone since Gold Open Qingdao last year. A top 4 in Qingdao, two top 8 in Chengdu and Xiamen, and a top 16 in Shanghai of all my 6 tournaments made me into one-star master. Unfortunately my points split between 2 seasons, so I didn’t get the tickets to the playoffs, nor the Global Finals. Now I play Hearthstone nearly 50 hours a week. My favorite deck currently is Galakrond priest.

NPH: How does playing for a Chinese team work? How often do you play in tournaments? Who are some of your teammates and what does teamwork with them look like?
WEStone: It’s great being able to participate MT Jönköping as a Chinese player, especially I made it into top 8. This is my third MT, I also participated in Seoul and LA. Sadly absent from Bucharest and Arlington due to Visa and COVID-19.

NPH: How did you prepare for Masters Tour Jönköping? Tell us about your strategy with your lineup.
WEStone: XiaoT and iGSyf helped me a lot during preparing lineups. I think Druid and Priest got the highest power level aside Warrior and DH. Druid is everyone’s third deck and Priest is great in the current meta. I also play Priest a lot. Anduin may not fit the strategy to ban Warrior, so I choose to ban DH, thus I removed 1 Armorsmith and Wraths, cards against DH, in my lineup.

NPH: Is the experience very different playing in Masters Tour compared to events in China? Would you say it’s easier or harder?
WEStone: Maybe more nervous in international game, but not feeling more difficult.

NPH: What are your goals for the future? Good luck and I hope one day we will see you at the Global Finals!
WEStone: My first goal right now is to win Season1 Playoffs. (In Chinese system, there are 2 Season playoffs. To participate in playoffs, the top 4 players with highest points are competing for 1 ticket to the Global Finals.)

Team NoProsHere Conquest Meta Report #21

By NPH Pasca and WickedGood

After the first week of Hearthstone Masters Montréal Qualifiers and just in time for Masters Tour Jönköping, here is your report on the Conquest Best of 3 metagame.

Data summary from Off Curve:

Tier List:

Click on the players names to find out their lists and copy deck codes from Yaytears.

Meta Defining Lineups:
Tempo Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Enrage Warrior (DevilMat / 撒旦降臨 / Rider / SCACC)

Proven Lineups:
Tempo Demon Hunter, Quest Warlock, Enrage Warrior (beasting / にん / Thekhan)
Spell Druid, Galakrond Priest, Enrage Warrior (coolkid2001)
Malygos Druid, Galakrond Priest, Enrage Warrior (EzXarT)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Highlander Hunter, Enrage Warrior (Fujitora)

Pretty Good Lineups:
Highlander Hunter, Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest (Bard)
Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest, Control Warrior (承泰不要 / 執念の蒼汁)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Secret Galakrond Rogue, Bomb Warrior (Maverick)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Secret Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (KaizerSosa)
Spell Druid, Quest Warlock, Bomb Warrior (J4YOU)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Quest Warlock (Tennismasher / GrandMaster)

Interesting Lineups:
Highlander Mage, Resurrect Priest, Control Warrior (Market / levik)
Galakrond Priest, Quest Warlock, Bomb Warrior (MaurDS / osvod)
Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest, Enrage Warrior (INER)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (Lucid)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Face Hunter, Enrage Warrior (soleil)
Highlander Priest, Highlander Rogue, Enrage Warrior (Noflame)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Stealth Galakrond Rogue (FortunaTigre)
Resurrect Priest, Quest Warlock, Enrage Warrior (SKYPIA)
Malygos Druid, Galakrond Priest, Stealth Galakrond Rogue (Valachuj)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Tempo Priest, Bomb Warrior (dalonge)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Bomb Warrior (KrajdaCz)
Highlander Mage, Highlander Priest, Enrage Warrior (Nathan)
Spell Druid, Secret Galakrond Rogue, Bomb Warrior (Fled)
Pure Paladin, Quest Priest, Enrage Warrior (Deerjason)
Spell Druid, Galakrond Priest, Quest Warlock (Timetosaygg)

The Best Hearthstone Decks You Won’t See in Masters Tour Jönköping

by NPH Pasca

The next major Hearthstone tournament, which was supposed to take place in Jönköping, Sweden, will be played this weekend by the best players in the game all arond the world. They will be competing for a prize pool of $250,000, plus the money from the esports bundle, and these earnings count in the race to become the next Grandmasters for each region.

I have reached out to five of the top competitive players who will not be taking part in this Masters Tour. Jia, Odemian, SomiTequilla, Avelline and Lucasdmnasc tell us which lineup they would play in this format, their predictions on the metagame, and their advice to those trying to win it all this weekend.

The format of the competition will be Best of 5 Conquest, so the players have to bring 4 decks, ban one of their opponent’s decks, and win one game with all 3 of their decks that didn’t get banned.

Jia Dee


Jia is a 2 times WSOE champion and she represented the Philippines at the Southeast Asian Games. She played in Masters Tour Las Vegas and Bucharest last year. She is also one of the official casters of Hearthstone esports, behind the desk for Grandmasters Asia and Masters Tour.

Demon Hunter: AAECAea5AwTMugPDvAPaxgPVyAMN/acD+a4DorcDi7oD17sDxLwD4LwD1r4Dx8YD2cYD98gD+cgD/sgDAA==
Druid: AAECAZICAv0C9q0DDv4B0wP3A+YFuZQD4p8D26UD/a0DjK4D5boD6LoD7LoD7roD77oDAA==
Hunter: AAECAR8eqAK1A+EEigeXCNsJ/KMD5KQDpqUD8qUDhKcDiq0Di60Djq0D+a4D/K8D/q8Dh7AD57AD/7ADgrEDh7EDkbED2LIDr7cDg7kDorkD/7oD1r4D174DAAA=
Warrior: AAECAQcEHNIC3q0D1LoDDRaQA9QE1Ai9pgP1qAPcqQPdrQOktgOrtgO7uQPAuQOcuwMA

NPH: What are your predictions about the Bo5 meta? Which decks do you think will be popular?
Jia: Largely similar to GM: Warrior and DH auto-include, and then pick 2 from Hunter, Warlock, Rogue and Druid.

NPH: Why do you think that this lineup is good? What is your ban strategy? Are there card choices that you think are particularly impactful?
Jia: Warrior and DH are the undisputed kings of this meta. Against all the other 4 possible classes I expect to see, I think Druid has good matchups across the board and Highlander Hunter is favored vs Rogue and Questlock, in my opinion. I think Bomb-Control Warrior has some potential also but might struggle more if your opponent’s 3rd/4th deck slot is Highlander Hunter instead of Quest Warlock. I I would ban other Pain Warriors, and include Frozen Shadow Weaver and Ooze in Highlander Hunter to help vs DH. My own DH would have probably 1 Blowtorch Saboteur tech for mirror too. For Druid, I really like +2 Emerald Explorers to run 2 Breath of Dreams and help turbo toward Mountseller and extra value vs Quest Warlocks.

NPH: What advice would you give to a less experienced player who will be playing their first major tournament?
Jia: Making sure you get enough reps on each deck is paramount, at least for me. It’s hard to explain concretely but just having that “comfortable” feeling in each matchup with each deck in your lineup does wonders for your confidence and instincts, having seen similar situations and patterns before. Good luck!

NPH: Who are you rooting for?
Jia: NaySyl. She’s been so consistent in qualifying for MTs, I hope she makes it far at Jönköping!



Odemian is a French competitive player and streamer for team Solary. He has a great experience of tournaments going as far back as 2015 and won HCT Toronto in 2018. Last year he played in Masters Tour Las Vegas, Bucharest and Arlington. He is also a caster for the French language broadcast of official tournaments.

Priest: AAECAa0GBPYH47QDyL4DyMADDdwBlwKKB9MKpaEDmakD2qwD8qwD/q4Dza8Dk7oDm7oDr7oDAA==
Rogue: AAECAaIHCLIChgmSlwPBrgOqrwPjtAPLwAP7xAMLtAHtApcGj5cD9acDua4D/q4Dzq8DzLkDzrkD0LkDAA==
Warrior: AAECAQcE0gLIA96tA9+tAw0WHJAD1ASRBtQI9agD3KkD3a0DpLYDu7kDwLkDnLsDAA==

NPH: What are your predictions about the Bo5 meta? Which decks do you think will be popular?
Odemian: Tempo Warrior and Demon Hunter will obviously be the two most represented decks because they’re unquestionnably the most powerful right now. I expect a strong presence of Spell/Dragon Druid followed by Galakrond Rogue (Secret, Stealth or Adventurer) and Quest Warlock. Highlander Hunter should be in a non-negligeable number of lineups as well.

NPH: Why do you think that this lineup is good? What is your ban strategy? Are there card choices that you think are particularly impactful?
Odemian: I really like this lineup because it offers chances to win games against decks that will be in almost 100% of lineups (DH and Warrior). It allows to have a flexible ban (Wralock in priority) which makes you unpredictable and gives some freedom on the strategy depending on the match. The Druid/Priest/Warrior lineup is excellent in Bo3 (Dreivo qualified for RedBull MEO with it) and adding Rogue makes sense to me. Highlander Mage could also have been the 4th.

NPH: Who are you rooting for?
Odemian: I would love to see Dizdemon finally pull it off and win this MT!



SomiTequilla is a popular Greek streamer who is regularly in the top ranks of the legend ladder. He played HCT playoffs 3 times in 2016-2017 and Masters Tour Seoul (where he finished 20th with a 9-3 score), Bucharest, Arlington and Los Angeles. He is already qualified for the next one after Jönköping.

Demon Hunter: AAECAea5AwTMugPDvAPHxgPaxgMNpaED/acD+a4Di7oD17sDxLwD4LwDjb0D1r4D2cYD98gD+cgD/sgDAA==
Druid: AAECAZICBP0C9wPmBfatAw3+AdMDxAa5lAPinwPbpQP9rQOMrgPlugPougPsugPuugPvugMA
Hunter: AAECAR8etQPhBIoHlwjbCfyjA+SkA6alA4SnA4qtA4utA46tA/muA/yvA/6vA4ewA+ewA/+wA4KxA4exA5GxA9iyA4S2A6+3A4O5A6K5A/+6A9a+A9e+A96+AwAA
Warrior: AAECAQcGm5QD/KMD3q0D360D6LADvrkDDEuQA6IE1AT/B5qUA92tA6S2A6u2A7i5A8C5A5y7AwA=

NPH: What are your predictions about the Bo5 meta? Which decks do you think will be popular?
SomiTequilla: I’m afraid tournament meta is not shifting the last weeks, Warrior and DH are a must for every competitive lineup as those two are 2 tiers above every other deck in the game. Excluding those two, I believe Druid will be the most popular deck of the tournament, positive winrates vs all kinds of Rogue decks, Mage, Hunter and Tempo Warrior archetypes make Malfurion the perfect choice for a solid 3rd deck! For the 4th slot I guess majority will go with Rogue. A lot of Grandmasters used Valeera for their high stakes matches, and those big names are always an inspiration for the MT grinders, so I think a big percentage of the contenders will just copy them! After all, Cleef is still in the game somehow, and Cleef traditionally wins almost every high stake tournament! Rexxar is also a solid pick if you choose to ban Demon Hunter.

NPH: Why do you think that this lineup is good? What is your ban strategy? Are there card choices that you think are particularly impactful?
SomiTequilla: All those decks are good and have proven themselves at high legend ranks. The main concept is to ban Demon Hunter to get good matchups for Druid and Hunter, as those two have positive winrates against Warlocks, Mages, Priests and Rogues (Rogue is 50-50 vs Hunter, still has a good chance to outtempo Valeera at mid-game). Warrior and Demon Hunter are auto-include in the lineup since their winrates are out of this world. Also banning Demon Hunter lets you add greedier cards to your lists, such as double Vulpera at your own Demon Hunter and some big dragons at the Druid list! Bomb Warrior seems like the perfect deck to complete the lineup as it performs better than Tempo Warriors vs Druid, Warlock, Rogue and Mage archetypes. It’s worse vs Demon Hunter (which is the ban), Priest (already a pretty bad matchup) and at mirrors (still you can exaust him if he doesnt draw the key cards of the matchup).

NPH: What advice would you give to a less experienced player who will be playing their first major tournament?
SomiTequilla: If 2020 wasn’t a pure lowroll, I’d advise them to not get stressed while playing! In a 3-day-LAN facing world champions and Grandmasters happens often, so the first thing a new contender has to do is to keep their composure and concentrate on the game, which is hard in a hall with 300+ card players with similar interests. Distractions come and go and exploring a new city every time might take your mind away, so you need to keep it together. (note this as a future advice) Now for the online tournament, try to take your time and don’t rush things, the confort of your home makes it way easier to perform, so make sure to think twice before you start playing your cards. Last but not least, do not get disapointed if you didn’t succeed at your first tournament. Nobody was born on the top, it’s a hard path and you need to commit time and brainpower to get there. Enjoy the journey and good luck!

NPH: Who are you rooting for?
SomiTequilla: I’m rooting for my teammates at Team Phantasma, Athanas, Tholwmenos and Cursed, and of course for my good friend Turbon1ck! They all try so hard for this and I hope their commitment will get rewarded.



Avelline is a popular streamer who played in Masters Tour Seoul, Arlington and Los Angeles. She finished top 16 on ladder last month so she is qualified for the next one after Jönköping.

Druid: AAECAZICBP0C9wPmBfatAw3+AdMDxAa5lAPinwPbpQP9rQOMrgPlugPougPsugPuugPvugMA
Mage: AAECAf0EHooByQOrBMUEywSKB40In5sDoJsDip4DoaEDwqED/KMDi6QDkqQD8qUDhKcD+qwD7K8D8K8DhbEDkbEDhLYDjLYD4bYDw7gDjbsD3L4D5r4D3sQDAAA=
Priest: AAECAa0GCNwB65sDha0DjrED47QDm7oDyL4DyMADCx6KB9MKmakD16wD2qwD8qwD/q4Dza8Dk7oDr7oDAA==
Warrior: AAECAQcE0gLIA96tA9+tAw0WHJAD1ASRBtQI9agD3KkD3a0DpLYDu7kDwLkDnLsDAA==

NPH: What are your predictions about the Bo5 meta? Which decks do you think will be popular?
Avelline: Egg warrior, Demon Hunter, Spell druid.

NPH: Why do you think that this lineup is good? What is your ban strategy? Are there card choices that you think are particularly impactful?
Avelline: Lineup built around the meta deck I trust the most which is Priest. Leave Warrior open, heavily tech my own Warrior for the mirror and tech Priest-Druid against Demon Hunter. Priest and Druid are the primary bans.

NPH: What advice would you give to a less experienced player who will be playing their first major tournament?
Avelline: Go for comfort picks. You don’t need to always have a target, bring the 4 decks you can perform best with and ban your weakest decks worst match up every time.

NPH: Who are you rooting for?
Avelline: My teammates Zanananan and Denimblue.



Lucasdmnasc is a competitive player and Qualifiers grinder (more than 20 times in top 8) from Brazil who plays a lot of ladder and open cups. He won WCG Brazil Qualifier 2019. He played in Masters Tour Bucharest, Arlington, Los Angeles, and is qualified for the next one after Jönköping.

Demon Hunter: AAECAea5AwTMugPDvAPHxgPaxgMNlwb5rgOLugPXuwPEvAPgvAO6xgPZxgPVyAP3yAP5yAP+yAPyyQMA
Hunter: AAECAR8etQPhBJcI2wn8owPkpAOmpQOEpwOKrQOLrQOOrQP5rgP8rwP+rwOHsAPnsAP/sAOCsQOHsQORsQPYsgPDtgOvtwODuQOiuQP/ugP7uwPWvgPevgPtvgMAAA==
Rogue: AAECAaIHBrICkpcDwa4D47QDy8AD+8QDDLQB7QKXBo+XA/WnA7muA/6uA86vA7m4A8y5A865A9C5AwA=
Warrior: AAECAQcEHNIC3q0D1LoDDRaQA9QE1Ai9pgP1qAPcqQPdrQOktgOrtgO7uQPAuQOcuwMA

NPH: What are your predictions about the Bo5 meta? Which decks do you think will be popular?
Lucasdmnasc: Warrior will be the most popular, DH in second, Druid in 3rd and 4th will be Hunter, I expect a bad winrate of Quest Warlock and Priests, decks that will rise but not that popular like the 4 mentioned.

NPH: Why do you think that this lineup is good? What is your ban strategy? Are there card choices that you think are particularly impactful?
Lucasdmnasc: I always like to play 4 good decks, and I’m confortable with it, i would ban Warrior because in good hands the deck is unstoppable. I would play Questing Explorer and Secret package in Rogue to have better matchs vs Druids, and Questing Explorer in DH too. In Warrior just use the standart list, and in Hunter i would play Maiev that is good against big Taunts of Warlocks and Druids, and a Nagrand Slam to obliterate Priests and Warlocks.

NPH: What advice would you give to a less experienced player who will be playing their first major tournament?
Lucasdmnasc: Keep calm, use this online MT to play focussed like in a open cup, ALWAYS play 4 confort decks, and pratice a lot, to be confident with meta, your focus should be try to make day 2 to gain more international experience in the highest level, good luck and HAVE FUN!

NPH: Who are you rooting for?
Lucasdmnasc: Im rooting for ALL LatAm players, I have a lot friends in this list, special look for Tincho that have good chances to be a future GM! I really admire BunnyHoppor too, and I’m sure that he can make a really good result, maybe even win this tournamment.

Team NoProsHere Conquest Meta Report #20

By NPH Pasca and WickedGood

The Qualifiers for Hearthstone Masters Tour Online #4 are over, and the last weekend (open cups 91-105) saw the rise of new Druid and Warlock decks that reshaped the metagame.

Data summary from Off Curve:

Tier List:

Click on the players names to find out their lists and copy deck codes from Yaytears.

Meta Defining Lineups:
Tempo Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Enrage Warrior (Khal / Nova)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Quest Warlock, Enrage Warrior (조준 / ShamazinGG)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Malygos Druid, Enrage Warrior (CoDyPhin)

Proven Lineups:
Tempo Demon Hunter, Secret Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (Athanas)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Highlander Hunter, Enrage Warrior (哈利 / zYREK)
Galakrond Priest, Quest Warlock, Bomb Warrior (Zeh)
Galakrond Priest, Quest Warlock, Enrage Warrior (Ap3lkuchen)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Zoo Warlock, Enrage Warrior (Nayarashi / Dabs)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Face Hunter, Enrage Warrior (망고)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Dragon Hunter (RaFaEl)
Highlander Hunter, Highlander Mage, Highlander Rogue (Zockmeister / Turbon1ck)

Pretty Good Lineups:
Malygos Druid, Highlander Mage, Galakrond Warlock (Hoej)
Spell Druid, Galakrond Priest, Enrage Warrior (Sveiks)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Bomb Warrior (Matroid / edanco)
Spell Druid, Highlander Hunter, Enrage Warrior (SeolDaBi / ominus)
Pure Paladin, Galakrond Priest, Enrage Warrior (eCrazy)
Highlander Mage, Highlander Priest, Enrage Warrior (Faceopei)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Highlander Mage, Enrage Warrior (Mazzu / Nagib)
Highlander Hunter, Quest Warlock, Enrage Warrior (Orange / LastHopelolz)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (Goppy)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Highlander Hunter (Leomane)
Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest, Enrage Warrior (執念の蒼汁 / PenhaDani)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (brimful)

Interesting Lineups:
Big Druid, Control Galakrond Shaman, Bomb Warrior (saizo)
Mountseller Libram Paladin, Galakrond Priest, Galakrond Warlock (Malware)
Control Libram Paladin, Highlander Priest, Control Warrior (곰탱이통통)
Malygos Druid, Highlander Hunter, Stealth Galakrond Rogue (VirtuozZ)
Spell Druid, Quest Warlock, Bomb Warrior (LooGiiQQ)
Secret Galakrond Rogue, Quest Warlock, Bomb Warrior (CoDyPhin)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Malygos Druid, Quest Warlock (TrueBee)
Dragon Hunter, Murloc Paladin, Secret Galakrond Rogue (Cancerix)
Highlander Priest, Highlander Rogue, Control Warrior (DenimBlue7)
Pure Paladin, Galakrond Priest, Bomb Warrior (Panch0)

Team NoProsHere Conquest Meta Report #19

By NPH Pasca and WickedGood

3 weeks after the latest round of Demon Hunter nerfs, there are two clear trends in the open cup metagame. One strategy is to play DH, Enrage Warrior and another tempo deck (in which case you ban Warrior) and the other one is to play Priest, Control Warrior and a thirs control deck (in which case you target Warrior and ban mostly Rogue.
This report presents the statistics from Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers Online (#4) – #61 to #75. Some of the winners also sent in comments with tips and insights about their gameplan, they are at the bottom of the page. Thanks for reading!

Data summary from Off Curve:

Tier List:

Click on the players names to find out their lists and copy deck codes from Yaytears. The names in bold are Qualifier winners who generously sent us an explanation of the strategy behind their lineup. Scroll past the tier list to read them.

Meta Defining Lineups:
Tempo Demon Hunter, Face Hunter, Enrage Warrior (Pain-Dreivo)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (IlBestio / Leta / Maverick)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Secret Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (Cptnkitty)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Zoo Warlock, Enrage Warrior (FudoV / RENMEN)

Proven Lineups:
Pure Paladin, Galakrond Priest, Control Warrior (あれっくす)
Quest Priest, Secret Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (SpnAllmighty)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Dragon Hunter, Enrage Warrior (Montu)
Highlander Priest, Control Galakrond Shaman, Control Warrior (nadavt / S8ris)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Highlander Rogue, Enrage Warrior (Fleur2B / Matteo)

Pretty Good Lineups:
Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest, Control Warrior (PeaceHawk)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Enrage Warrior (Burr0 / Gev / MaeveDonovan / PulmexLand)
Highlander Hunter, Resurrect Priest, Highlander Rogue (LzJohn)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (gunzerker)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Zoo Warlock (jwrobel / Hypno)
Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest, Enrage Warrior (Kalàxz / BCCISTOOGOOD)
Galakrond Priest, Secret Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (GrJim / Pusface)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Face Hunter, Zoo Warlock (Ipackman / ふぁんだむ)

Interesting Lineups:
Highlander Priest, Highlander Rogue, Control Warrior (DenimBlue7)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Galakrond Priest, Quest Warrior (たろを)
Face Hunter, Pure Paladin, Secret Galakrond Rogue (Tanaka)
Quest Druid, Resurrect Priest, Enrage Warrior (EzXarT)
Pure Paladin, Secret Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior (내목숨을아이어에)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warlock (yudinnnn)
Dragon Hunter, Resurrect Priest, Enrage Warrior (INER)
OTK Demon Hunter, Zoo Warlock, Enrage Warrior (En1gma)
Face Hunter, Secret Galakrond Rogue, Zoo Warlock (topopablo11)
Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Zoo Warlock, Enrage Warrior (IrvinG)

Comments from the winners:

Pain on Tempo Demon Hunter, Face Hunter, Enrage Warrior:
“The lineup is build to target Rogues and Mages mostly while having decent matchups into DH and Zoo as well. You prioritize banning Warrior over other decks and Priest after that. Now about card choices it turns out that Beaming Sidekick is really important in aggro Demon Hunter (especially good vs Rogues) and the Boar package in Hunter is just better than the Porcupine one because it’s faster. In Warrior you always need Grommash I think in opens to maximize your chances vs Priest lineups that potentially leave it open.”

Dreivo on Tempo Demon Hunter, Face Hunter, Enrage Warrior:
“I just stole the lineup from Pain the cup just before; I’ve seen he was top 8 before next cup start, I feel like it is the best lineup in not 3 control deck (the 3rd deck really often weak against this lineup).”

IlBestio on Tempo Demon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior:
“I played kind of a standard line-up trying to capitalize on the most consistent decks. That’s why I cut all weird engines in rogue (no secrets no stealth package). I was always banning Warrior, which meant I would often play vs Demon Hunter. That’s why I put two of the Freeze guy in every deck.”

Leta on Tempo Demon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior:
“To be honest it was nothing special. I was expecting many Hunters and wanted to cut dead draw for that match up (Bully / Flik) for the tech Khartut. It was good enough but the meta changes every day, don’t think many players will continue with Hunter and the Khartut build will be very bad in the mirror or maybe vs Mage.”

Maverick on Tempo Demon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Enrage Warrior:
“The plan was to play the 3 best decks and ban Warrior, which is rather typical in the current meta. The open cup meta being mostly DH, I opted for a few anti-aggro techs in my decks. Their power level allows to beat control if you ever face it.”

FudoV on Tempo Demon Hunter, Zoo Warlock, Enrage Warrior:
“You either ban Warrior in this meta or target Warrior hoping your opponents are bad Warrior players because in my opinion it has no real unfavorables if played correctly (which might be reasonable estimation because most people you face in the cup are not top-50 caliber players). But the fact that I consider myself good in aggro mirrors (for example, my dh mirror stats this month is 29-9) was the factor that made me bring aggro lineup. Primary idea behind lineup is soft targeting Rogue while banning Warrior, and tech choices in both Zoo and Demon Hunter are either for full mirror lineups or for DH/Warrior/Rogue lineup. Warrior tech choices (no Teron, inclusion of Grommash) are against lineups that dont ban Warrior. To be honest agressive Hunter might be better than Zoolock in my lineup but I haven’t played that deck and it just started rising in popularity exactly on Friday 🙂
TLDR: ban Warrior, wanted to face aggro mirrors / Rogue lineups, I think lineup is still pretty good against control lineups because of sheer power level of fast decks in the meta.
Last words: not running Sidekick in DH should be bannable offense.”

あれっくす on Pure Paladin, Galakrond Priest, Control Warrior:
“My lineup is anti- Tempo Warrior. In current meta, most players bring Warrior and DH with Rogue or Hunter or Warlock. And I think it’s not hard to build anti- Warrior lineup, because Warrior’s big move to beat control lineups is only Rampage or Bloodsworn Mercenary. Compared to Warrior, DH has many big moves.
This control lineup can beat Warrior and Face Hunter, in addtion more than equal DH and Zoo and other aggro lineups. So I thought control lineup is good in current meta.
Hard matchups are Gala Rogue and Gala Priest and Highlander decks. So we must ban them. Fortunately I seldom encounter them, only Rogue. Rogue is savage deck and breaks our mental, so I like to avoid Rogue.
Card choices:
Paladin: Other Japanese used this to climb Legend, I replaced only 2/2/1 Murloc legendary with Lightforged blessing. I think this list is unrefined.
Priest: Anti-weapon must, against Warrior and DH, Harrison Jones is great to draw heal cards and value cards. (It’s important to get value cards against Warrior.) On the whole, I adapted low cost cards against aggro liuneup. (I dont suppose against control lineup because they may ban my Priest.)
Warror: I think real Control Warrior is not good against Tempo Warrior because it can’t make opening board. So I used Control Warrior that’s based on Tempo Warrior. If I encounter a control liupeup, each Warrior is the worst, so I adapted Archivist Elysiana.
I don’t know if control lineup is the best, but understanding the meta is the best to win.”

Montu on Tempo Demon Hunter, Dragon Hunter, Enrage Warrior:
“I took the idea from Rombosman, a mexican player. With Demon Hunter and Enrage Warrior being a forced pick, the third slot is the only real choice. A lot of players are trying Face Zoo Warlock in that slot because it has a really good WR vs Rogue and Priest, but it dies so easily against Demon Hunter because you have to always ban Warrior. That’s where I consider Dragon Hunter, a deck that still punishes Rogues and Priests, and vs Demon Hunter the double explosive trap gives you a great comeback if you are behind (4-0 vs them). It also kills Zoo Warlock before they can do anything! So its the best third deck for me in the current state of the meta.”

Nadavt on Highlander Priest, Control Galakrond Shaman, Control Warrior:
“Obviously, this is a control lineup. I’ll start by saying that this is more a style choice, I don’t really like the tempo decks in this meta, and usually I prefer control/combo decks anyway. This of course does not mean that the tempo decks are worse than the control decks, and results suggest otherwise… For about a month I’ve been tinkering with a Shaman build. I started this out when Res Priest was on the rise again, I put in Elysiana and wanted to take free wins on the priests, while maintaining good chances vs the dmeon hunters. As time went by, Galakrond Priest has become more popular and also very refined, to the point where it is favoured vs my Shaman. However, Warrior rose in popularity and I tweaked the Shaman to have a good matchup vs the warriors and DHs (The Shaman is really good at having tempo in the mid-game, and the late-game heals are crazy!). The Highlander Priest is taken (almost card for card) from a friend, CrazyMage, and I like it much better than the Galakrond Priest, mostly due to the diversity of games. I believe Galakrond Priest is a better deck, but there’s a limit to how many games I can play with that deck. Also, in open cups the surprise factor is meaningful, and many opponents do not know how to handle unknown decks very well. Last, I took Bunnyhoppor’s Control Warrior. It took me quite some time to understand the gameplans of the deck but once I started nailing it, it appeared to be quite powerful. The lineup mostly targets tempo warriors, while maintaining fine odds vs DH and zoo. Also, face hunter rose in popularity, and this lineup absolutely crashes Face Hunter (there’s way too much heal/armor). Priests are slightly favoured vs this lineup, and mages, rogues and Gala Warlocks are very annoying. Always ban Rogue or Gala Warlock if the enemy has it.”

S8ris on Highlander Priest, Control Galakrond Shaman, Control Warrior:
“Finding the line-up took some tries.
There was 2 logical dominating strategies:
-Strong decks (Egg/Enrage Warrior, Rogue, Tempo DH)
-Strong decks, but Rogue -> Face Hunter/Zoo to get edge in mirrors.
Was having 0 luck playing mirrors myself, so decided to try and counter the most popular deck – Warrior.
First attempts was with Priest, Control Warrior, Big Druid.
It was performing well, but Druid kept getting swept, when meeting someone without a Warrior.
Was glad to see other people taking up Hate Warrior line-ups and doing well. Got motivated and inspired namely by PeaceHawk, あれっくす and nadavt wins.
Tried PeaceHawk’s lists and ran into trouble with Mage when meeting Hunters, witch were gaining popularity at this point. And it felt weird to ban it, since Warrior and Priest are very good against it.
So it was clear that the third deck has to be good against Warrior AND Face Hunter/Zoo.
In that sense あれっくす line-up is very good, and I am surprised more people didn’t get wins with Pure Paladin after his win.
Was about to craft Paladin myself to give it a try, and then nadavt came clutch and won a cup with his homebrew Galakrond Shaman.
I am not much of a deckbuilder myself. So I yoink bits and pieces of line-ups and decks that I prefer.
Egg-control Warrior from あれっくす and PeaceHawk felt very comfortable for me vs Warrior. Keeping up with tempo early and consistent skipper battlerage turns are key.
It even has an edge against control versions like Nadavt’s – Teron is very anoying to deal with, can also use it to get more Kargaths.
Highlander Priest: My good friend and former teammate SirVilgaudas was nagging me to try Languagehacker’s priest for a week now.
Was playing Galakrond Priest myself, but found that with correct approach Warrior has a decent shot at winning with a Gromash list.
They just go for Korkron+Mercenary combo into Grom next turn, not giving space to heal+remove at the same turn.
Might be results oriented, but felt like Highlander Priest was applying more pressure than the Galakrond version, not giving enough time to assemble all combo pieces or forcing them to use it for clear.
Galakrond Shaman from nadavt. In theory good against Warrior and Zoo/Face hunter. Didn’t expect much, just decided to try it out and it was a pleasant surprise. It went 7-0, and got banned once.
The decks I borrowed fit nicely for the strategy without changing any cards. If you’d compare mine and Nadavt’s line-ups. It’s basicaly the same, just Warrior and Priest lists are the ones I prefered and felt are stronger personally.
The line-up is weak to Rogue and Priest. But it’s hard to make logical line-up with both, so we just ban the one they have.
TL;DR: Main Target: Egg/Enrage Warrior; Secondary target: Face hunter, Zoo. Ban Priority: Priest/Rogue > Demon Hunter.”

PeaceHawk on Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest, Control Warrior:
“The line up was designed to target the Warrior. During the tournament, I always started with the Priest since it was stronger than the Warrior, and any other class left to the opponent. I was never able to play with my Warrior as it was banned. Finally, i think that you have to have a little luck with the Highlander Mage which I had throughout the tournament.”

LzJohn shared his thoughts on Highlander Hunter, Resurrect Priest, Highlander Rogue their his Facebook page.

Team NoProsHere Conquest Meta Report #18

By NPH Pasca and WickedGood

Welcome to our first Hearthstone metagame report of the Year of the Phoenix!
The data featured here is from the 15 official tournaments played this weekend: Masters Qualifiers “Online (#4)” 16 to 30. The format of these Open Cups is best of 3 Conquest with one ban, so this meta might not be exactly the same as what you see on ladder.
On top of all the statistics for decks popularity and win rate, we are proud to bring to you insights from 10 of the 15 winners of the week. They are all the way down after the Tier List.

Data summary from Off Curve:

Tier List:

Click on the players names to find out their lists and copy deck codes from Yaytears. The names in bold are Qualifier winners who generously sent us an explanation of the strategy behind their lineup. Scroll past the tier list to read them.

Meta Defining Lineups:
Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Galakrond Warlock (Sevel / notcreater / matff / Jucchan / GamerRvg)
OTK Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Face Hunter (livevil / Cassia / SaltOPepper)

Proven Lineups:
Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Dragon Hunter (zlsjs)
Resurrect Priest, Galakrond Warlock, Tempo Warrior* (Trec)
Spell Druid, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warlock (Adriano)
*Sorry Trec, next time we’ll review our Warrior archetypes classification

Pretty Good Lineups:
Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Bomb Warrior (Chatthon)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Resurrect Priest, Galakrond Warlock (현명한로나 / 黑羽 / lattosio / N0lan)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Dragon Hunter, Zoo Walrock (Flamekilla)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warlock (KrajdaCz / Mysterious)
Spell Druid, Highlander Rogue, Galakrond Warlock (Darq7007 / 현명한갱민 / Scr3am / Fatalocity)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Galakrond Rogue (Immortal)
Highlander Priest, Highlander Rogue, Galakrond Warlock (levik / Rpbalance)

Interesting Lineups:
Aggro Demon Hunter, Highlander Priest, Galakrond Warlock (MegaGliscor)
OTK Demon Hunter, Resurrect Priest, Galakrond Warlock (Silvors)
OTK Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Bomb Warrior (tom)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Highlander Rogue (AVZ075)
Spell Druid, Quest Priest, Galakrond Warlock (Kowsai / nadavt)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Face Hunter, Zoo Warlock (CoDyPhin)
OTK Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Galakrond Warlock (Tlenn)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Galakrond Shaman (Sindo)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Face Hunter (Hibadino / 樂天盜賊)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Dradon Hunter, Galakrond Warlock (Karolos)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Dragon Hunter, Quest Galakrond Warlock (銀風)
Spell Mage, Galakrond Shaman, Zoo Warlock (Memory)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Murloc Paladin, Galakrond Shaman (Hypno)
Spell Mage, Highlander Priest, Galakrond Warlock (datLMF)
Aggro Demon Hunter, Highlander Mage, Bomb Warrior (Maricochet)
Highlander Hunter, Highlander Mage, Galakrond Warlock (Itzvan)
OTK Demon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Zoo Warlock (Sa10)
Spell Druid, Dragon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue (LzJohn)
Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warlock, Galakrond Warrior (Definition)

Comments from the winners:

Sevel on Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Galakrond Warlock:
“Strategy was easy – 3 good decks + ban DH since it’s the best class in the game right now, netdecked Windello for Warlock – I liked Rain of Fire idea, card performed well. About DH Questings sort of made sense though you could probably build better version vs Warlocks/Druids than the one I used.”

Jucchan on Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Galakrond Warlock:
“I planned around banning Warlock, which had around 60% winrate at the end of Day 1 of the Japanese Bo5 conquest tournament that was being streamed the night before. Rain of Fire in Gala Warlock was inspired by Windello, but I only play one copy because I was not planning on fighting the mirror where it normally helps clear imps. Instead, I play two Overconfident Orcs for Demon Hunter. Spell Druid is taken from BoarControl, I considered running Starfall for mirror/Demon Hunter boards but I was not able to test enough to be confident in running it. Tempo Demon Hunter is pretty standard with one Frozen Shadoweaver for the mirror and Hunter. The priority bans are Res Priest and Gala Warlock. Final record for each deck was 5-0 Warlock, 7-3 Druid, 6-0 Demon Hunter. Overall I felt the lineup was well-rounded and had a chance against any other lineup.”

levevil on OTK Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Face Hunter:
After hotfix, the meta divided into three parts by Aggro DH, Spell Druid, and Galakrond Warlock. Of course it became the most popular lineup, and strategy started at this point. ‘Which deck should i aim?’ Spell Druid and Aggro DH has explosive potential with nut draw, so i decided to counter Warlock. Nowadays Galalock running more control cards(like Rain of Fire,Overconfident Orc) and less tempo cards(Albatross, Rite), So if i could find out right 3 decks to beat warlock, it seems to be no variable. Then I wahtced Orange’s stream and his lineup, I just realized this is what i was looking for. I coppied his lineup and tuned couple of cards.
Card Choices:
DH : This is perfect 30 cards of OTK DH imo. could run Blade Dance instead of Kayn or Consume Magic
Druid : 2 Mountseller is better list i guess(Especially against Galalock), Blessing and Starfall are flexible(Roar, 2nd Rising Winds, The Forest’s Aid or whatever)
Hunter : Most of times, The opponent who has Galalock banned my Hunter, so i played this deck only 2 times, but when you play Scavenger’s Ingenuity and draw Lion, you’re not gonna happy. so i suggest 1 Lion replace into Dragonbane or trap.
Ban Strategy:
When I watched Orange’s stream, he banned DH in most cases. But my lineup is most unfavored to Spell Druid imo. So my ban priority was Spell Druid, Priest, Warrior, AggroDH in order.
This lineup made such a huge success in this week, so next week many people gonna try this or counter this. If you’re gonna try this lineup, just wish you facing galalock 9 times. If you’re gonna counter this, Frozen Shadoweaver is really good tech card against OTK DH, and Warrior might be the Metabreaker of the next week of qualifier.”

Cassia on OTK Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Face Hunter:
“The lineup is originally from Orange and I changed 1 card, played an extra Pack Tactics instead of a Mok’Nathal Lion beacuse it is the worst draw from Scavenger’s Ingenuity in most cases. The lineup heavily targets Galakrond Warlock, and not bad against Tempo DH. Spell druid is the primary ban target. In my opinion, this lineup is not perfect since OTK DH and Hunter also struggles against other several decks, but it is very effective when control type Warlock is dominant in the meta.”

SaltOPepper on OTK Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Face Hunter:
“Huge thanks to Orange for the lineup idea. The idea of this LU is to counter Warlock, so leave it open an ban Priest then Druid. I dont play savage roar in druid, because it is overkill most of the time. It might be useful every 10th game or so. Kael’tas is just op. Other than that huge shoutout to SMOrc for the constant support the past weeks.”

Trec on Resurrect Priest, Galakrond Warlock, Trec Warrior:
“As always I don’t like to play meta so I did this line up to counter Demon Hunter and to be fine versus Druid.
The Warrior is undersestimated because it is new and when you look the deck it just seems to be bad but you understand the deck by playing it ; you can control the board and doing a lot of value while punching face with weapons.
Warlock is the logic choice when you want to beat Demon Hunter ; Hello Sac Pact. I put even more defense with Unstable Felbolt and Bone Wraith because i knew people will ban Priest instead of this one.
I didn’t find a good third deck so i took Priest. Anduin is a nightmare for a lot of people and I hoped each round my opponent to ban the Priest so I can play the two good decks. In theory Priest is good versus Demon Hunter and Druid but as always Priest Rez is just to much linear and slow to be a good deck.
I usualy ban Hunter Face and Dragon because it’s too aggressive and my goal is to play versus Druid / Demon Hunter.
I don’t know if the line up will work in the future but at this moment with so much Demon Hunter, take this line up and have fun. But I am confident with the power of the Warrior because the Corsaire Cache is so good.”

Chatthon on Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Bomb Warrior:
“I wanted to test Bomb Warrior so I built a lineup aroud it. I needed two decks that are strong vs Warlock and ok vs Demon Hunter. Control Priest must always be banned, otherwise it depends what the opponent has and what you expect them to ban. The Warrior list is still far from being optimal.”

tom on OTK Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Bomb Warrior:
Check out tom’s Reddit post

AVZ075 on Aggro Demon Hunter, Spell Druid, Highlander Rogue:
“Main ban for the lineup: Warlock, in my mind if people play Warlock they leave DH open, and that matchup is very Warlock favored, Warlock also does well against Spell Druid so it’s a good ban all around. I played Highlander Rogue because I think its good vs tempo DH and it also beats Priest, Hunter and Mage and I build the deck with a low curve to keep up with DH and Druid which are 2 very prominent decks atm. I think Rogue>DH and even though the Druid matchup is unfavorable you can go for a smorc heavy gameplan with a low curve. And you have some really good counterplay with Flik and Zephrys. I copied Hunterace’s version of tempo Demon Hunter I really like Mana Burn and Questing Adventurer for the Spell Druid matchup, a properly setup Questing Adventurer is neigh impossible for Druid to deal with and playing Mana Burn when Druid is about to hit 7 mana is really strong, Questing feels a bit underwhelming in the mirror and if I had more time to playtest I might have cut Questing for the 3 mana freeze minion because its better in the mirror. Im not 100% confident in saying the version of Druid I played is the best list, because theres still so much to figure out in the deck, but I think playing Starfall is correct because it’s great in the mirror and good vs tempo DH. My overall gameplan was to win out in the DH matchup, all 3 of my decks have game against it. And in the general the 3 decks I played are fine ish against most of the field, so no matter what you always have a shot of winning.”

Karolos on Aggro Demon Hunter, Dradon Hunter, Galakrond Warlock:
“Demon Hunter : I had an aggresive plan to begin with by creating a small board able to inflict damage (the cards helping to do Battlefiend, Blazing Battlemage, Chaos Strike and Umberwing). I chose to play x2 Glavebound Adept because is a powerfull card and many time was given lethal damage or removal. Mulligan Battlefiend, Blazing Battlemage, Sightless Watcher, Skull of Gul’dan.. In the mirror matchups twin slice is nuts card and always keep exept vs otk Demon Hunter.. Core cards Altruis the outcast, Metamorphosis , skull of Gul’dan.
Warlock : A midrage to control deck, which is basic a counter of DH with many combinations like all the invoked cards with the plague of flames. The Mo’arg artificer with the mortal coil and nether breath. The Overconfident Orc is very powerful vs aggro matchups. Finally the twisting nether vs control and mirror matchups is a very powerful removal. Mulligan vs DH Sact Pact, mortal coil, dark skies, overconfident orc, vs other matchups Dragonblight cultist and the veiled worshipper. Target DH , Spell Druid , Ressurect Priest. Core cards Sact Pact , Zephrys the Great , Kronx Dragonhoof , Galakrond the Wretched and Dragonquenn Alexstrasza.
Hunter : Okay, Leeroy made it HoF, but I had to complete my line up, so I chose Dragon Hunter. Aggresive playstyle was my choise once more and at this moment I change all the classic secret package. I added x2 Scavenger’s Ingnuity and Zixor the Apex Predator, a powerful combo against aggro and control matchups. Mulligan Blazing Battlemage, Dwarven Sharpshooter, Scavenger’s Ingenuity and the Stormhummer. Target Ressurect Priest, some Warriors and the OTK DH.
Ban guide : There are certain matchups, that it wouldbe better to avoid with this line up Stealth Galakrond Rogue, Face Hunter and Zoo Warlock.
PS see u lan boys and grills”

The 2020 Hearthstone Hall Of Fame: Goodbye to Aggro? Not Quite.

by Contriiver


Hello there! I’m Contriiver or The4mana77. I’m an avid Hearthstone player with ~5.3k wins since the launch of Old Gods who’s consistently hit rank 3 every month for the past year, peaking at one win away from Legend and currently at Diamond 4 after acquiring a 10x star multiplier for the new season. I’m a data and analytics fanatic and absolutely love all things statistics, including analyzing the meta and countermeta, conquest and specialist lineup creation, Battlegrounds strategies, and tech choices. You can contact me at any time on Discord at Contriiver#1963, at The4mana77#1858, or Twitter @Contriiver if you ever want to talk Hearthstone, have questions, or want to practice in some matches. 

This article aims to analyze and juxtapose the general state of the meta, both on micro and macro scales, from before and after the balance changes. All data I reference has been published from and

Before the Crash

Prior to the Hall of Fame changes this year, the meta was seemingly one of the most balanced yet diverse we’ve seen in a while. With a trio of decks from different classes at the top, there was no singular meta-breaker and each of the decks had its own counter. Perhaps the best part of the meta was its unlimited arsenal of powerful yet balanced decks, with anywhere from 5 to 12 combined decks being competitive in tiers 2 and 3 while also fluctuating over time. However, each of the top tier decks did have an “unfun” variable in it: Dragon Hunter felt like an onslaught from the start, Galakrond Rogue always had an answer, and Galakrond Warrior was an inevitable behemoth of armor and chip damage. Furthermore, there was a lot of blandness when deckbuilding: to be competitive, a deck needed to include either the Galakrond or Highlander package, or sometimes even both. If a deck didn’t include either package and was a good deck, it utilized some other uninteractive or unfun mechanic (see: Embiggen Druid, Mech Paladin). If this wasn’t cookie-cutter enough, there were too many neutral staples carrying every deck. Zilliax and SN1P-SN4P were (and still are) used in 40-50% of all decks, any deck needing aggressive fodder would use the highly effective “tech” cards of Boompistol Bully and/or Bad Luck Albatross, and nearly all aggressive decks would be >50% neutral cards by abusing Blazing Battlemage, Faerie Dragon, Injured Tol’vir, Scalerider, Frenzied Felwing, Evasive Feywing, and Big Ol’ Whelp. Finally, on the macro scale of things, ladder felt bland despite the variety. Across all ranks and over the course of late February up until the balance changes, Rogue and Hunter both maintained a steady 20% of the field in play rate. Meanwhile in Legend, only 6 decks held over a 5% play despite the bottom four classes (Priest, Warlock, Shaman, and Paladin) never eclipsing a coalesced ~16% of the field. Overall, it was a plain meta with superficial diversity, a high power standard, and controversial meta giants. 

Hall of Fame

On March 26th, the changes hit and disrupted the solved meta. Mage was dealt a soft blow by the loss of Acolyte of Pain, while Priest’s Combo deck was gone in the blink of an eye. Every aggro deck out there, as well as Rogue, mourned the loss of the beloved Leeroy Jenkins. However, the most impactful change was caused by two losses: Galakrond Warrior lost both it’s most powerful draw engine in Acolyte of Pain as well as it’s biggest burst enabler, Leeroy. Although still strong now, the deck was viewed as a crippled husk of its former self, leading to a power vacuum. This led to many decks previously held back largely by Warrior to gain in play rate and win rate. Both variants of Galakrond Warlock skyrocketed in winrate despite their playrate staying put, while Highlander Mage and Mech Paladin rose slightly in both rates. The biggest winner of the changes was Highlander Rogue; it only lost the non-essential and even clunky Leeroy while the field became much less hostile. It’s arguably a tier one deck right now and has filled the shoes of Warrior. 

Reverted Nerfs

When it comes to reverted nerfs, there were 3 “new” decks that arose. The most prominent one, in tournaments at least, would easily be Control Warrior. It’s tough to simply use that term due to the large variety of Warrior decks including Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, but they all accomplish the same general role of being an obnoxiously value and removal filled control deck. It’s showing early signs of success in tournaments due to its lack of a plethora of counters, and is somewhat present on ladder. Another deck that has been revitalized is the infamous Raiding Party Rogue. I can’t speak to its strength right now; it has too low of a playrate and too scattered of winrates to draw any conclusions to its power level. However, perhaps the clearest yet most unsuspecting winner of the bunch would be Aggro Shaman. I may be biased in this due to my 66% winrate with it over 71 games, but various sources both speak on and provide evidence for this deck’s power level. It’s only hard counters are Control/Highlander Warrior and Control Warlock, it boasts competitive win rates against Druid, Rogue, Hunter, and Priest, while it slaughters Mages and Paladins. This deck is especially strong in tournament format, where Warrior is bannable and Warlocks are few and far between. Aggro Shaman is a complete sleeper which I expect to quietly rule over the meta in small clusters until Ashes of Outland arrives.

False Hope

Prior to the arrival of the changes and after they had been announced, many players began telling of a new era, one of slow matchups and devoid of aggro. These doomsayers spoke of an apocalyptic world, one in which only pros, tryhards, and sadists would thrive due to the lengthy control and combo matches to come. However, when the changes arrived, predictions were shattered: there was no control revolution. Aggro players, tentative at first to attempt playing after losing their King Jenkins, slowly realized that not much had changed. Control Warrior players rejoiced in the juciy aggro prey ready to be gobbled up and holding a pillow, ready for the occasional control mirror during which they could get a long night’s rest. All the poor souls aching and itching to play Malygos Druid shed a few tears before sitting up straight and embracing Quest Druid yet again. The meta was the same, save for a few more sleepers, a couple less Combo Priests, and the quiet dethroning of Galakrond Warrior. All in all, the balance changes haven’t exactly brought about a brooding control meta or a controversial combo meta. Players were given a change of pace; a brief taste of the new metas they’re all addicted to, but only enough to satisfy them through the ranked changes and until the much anticipated Ashes of Outland release. And so the Hearthstone world returns to its default state pre-expansion in a new year: ominous, meta, and ever-aggressive.

Team NoProsHere Conquest Meta Report #17

By NPH Pasca and WickedGood

Once again in #46 to #60, the Hearthstone Masters Jönköping Qualifiers were dominated by lineups made of Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior, and any third deck. By now, we can say that the Conquest metagame is pretty much solved. This report includes all the statistics from last week’s online tournaments, including the bans data, plus comments from some of the winners.

Data summary from Off Curve:

Tier List:

Click on the players names to find out their lists and copy deck codes from Yaytears. The names in bold are Qualifier winners who generously sent us an explanation of the strategy behind their lineup. Scroll past the tier list to read them.

Meta Defining Lineups:

Galakrond Priest, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior (Toastmonster / yeschickenDabs)

Highlander Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior (topopablo11 / MoneYZ / pAc)

Dragon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior (Cptnkitty / Bravo)

Proven Lineups:

Quest Druid, Highlander Mage, Galakrond Rogue (Player671)

Quest Druid, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior (Mikro)

Embiggen Druid, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior (香菇奾汁)

Pretty Good Lineups:

Quest Druid, Highlander Mage, Highlander Rogue (petrovic)

Embiggen Druid, Highlander Hunter, Highlander Mage (레몬박하)

Quest Druid, Galakrond Priest, Galakrond Rogue (Déjàvu)

Quest Druid, Galakrond Priest, Galakrond Warrior (Lethal)

Quest Druid, Highlander Rogue, Galakrond Warlock (L3bjorge)

Quest Druid, Highlander Mage, Galakrond Priest (Lucasdmnasc / Torph)

Quest Druid, Quest Hunter, Highlander Mage (NikART / Muigetsu)

Quest Druid, Highlander Hunter, Galakrond Rogue (Solojazz)

Face Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior (JhenRs)

Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warlock, Galakrond Warrior (grr)

Quest Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior (약강)

Interesting Lineups:

Highlander Mage, Galakrond Rogue, Hand Warlock (J4YOU)

Mech Paladin, Galakrond Priest, Highlander Warrior (Gregoriusil)

Embiggen Druid, Dragon Hunter, Hand Warlock (BladeMaster)

Highlander Mage, Quest Priest, Galakrond Warrior (Silvors)

Face Hunter, Mech Paladin, Galakrond Rogue (AnMul)

Comments from the winners:

Toastmonster on Galakrond Priest, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior:
“So the general idea of the lineup was to be in a favourable position vs almost all of the popular Hunter decks while not being over weak to lineups that didn’t include Hunter. I don’t actually have a full collection on Asia, so I had to make some budget replacements; things like Faerie Dragons in Rogue could (and probably should) be replaced for cards like Skyvateer. With the ban strategy primarily being Rogue I would not include Bully in my Rogue list anyway as that is really only for the mirror. The lineup felt really good for the field, and there was not a single series I felt I favoured going into.”

Dabs on yeschicken’s Galakrond Priest, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior:
“First, it should be noted that I netdecked my lists from yeschicken who won qualifier 50. I picked those lists because I think they have the strongest match up spread and chances at winning their unfavorables. Gala Rogue vs. Highlander Mage and Gala Warrior vs. Quest Druid, for example, are very skill dependent and much deeper than just drawing Galakrond. Though, that is a pretty strong play. As for the Priest, that got banned every set and I brought it because its beats up on Hunter and Warrior so hard. Hunter is definitely the class I was most comfortable playing against. Eternium Rover in Warrior and Bone Wraith in Rogue are nice additions against it. I think if you’re going to bring this lineup, you need to be confident in your mirror matching because you will find a lot of sets banning to Warrior Rogue vs. Warrior Rogue.”

topopablo11 on Highlander Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior:
“Actually, I chose for this tournament, the 3 decks that I play the most. The decks are quite solid, but I decided to go for the experience rather than the strategy and I’m generally a player who does a lot of weird lineups xD the ban was Priest and Druid, mainly. I have to be honest, in the tournament I drew a lot of topdecks, there are sometimes where you have the luck of the champion and in fact, example in the final I drew topdeck lethal xd. It was quite rewarding to win, since I haven’t been able to play so many qualis for Sweden, so I was a little afraid of running out of time, but I could win 😀
I can tell you that I was surprised at how strong Boompistol is, sometimes that card carry so hard and also very important is the correct use of Bomb Wrangler, this card is very aggressive and in early if you play it well it can do a lot of damage, play around Rogue removals, you wanted to play it in turn 3 + Inner Rage.”

CptnKitty on Dragon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior:
“The lineup doesn’t have a real strategy and is mostly based on just playing good decks. Hunter often takes the ban which leaves you with Rogue and Warrior which are some of the best decks at the moment. The lineup does slightly target the popular Druid – Rogue – Mage lineup.Because you’re often left behind with your Rogue and Warrior vs their Rogue and Mage, which makes you favoured. In the Rogue list id swap second faceless for second Bully, which is already fairly common.”

Bravo on Dragon Hunter, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior:
“I just took the fastest and cheapest decks since America is not my main region. I added Korkron to the Warrior for the greater good of Galakrond. I might add to the Warrior Acolyte of Pain. And the Hunter has at least one secret. Most often I was banned by a Hunter, most often I banned a Druid.”

Mikro on Quest Druid, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior:
“I love this lineup I like to ban Priests and Warriors my targets is make 3/0 versus Rogue and Mage.”

香菇奾汁 on Embiggen Druid, Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Warrior:
“In fact, that was an accident. It’s my first time playing that Druid in qualifier
and I play Rogue less. Just try to face everyone’s Rogue and Warrior. Win a lot Rogue Warrior VS Rogue Warrior. So i think just luck made me win. The semifinal I didn’t win any single game. First game I died but opponent didn’t finish his last step, he took the 2 damage back already. The third game he just used the class I banned.”