This Week in Competitive Hearthstone (01.27.2021 – 02.04.2021)

by NPH Disco

Welcome to the first iteration of “This Week in Competitive Hearthstone” for the week of 01.27.2021 – 02.04.2021! The goal of this article is to provide a recap of what’s going on in the competitive Hearthstone scene.

Did we miss your favorite competitive Hearthstone content? Have suggestions for improvement? (Of course you do, Hearthstone player). Join the NPH discord server and let us know what you’re thinking.

Masters Tour Qualifiers Results (1 – 30)

Third Party Tournaments (Results and Decklists)



End-of-Month Top Ladder Results

No quotable tweet for this one, but D0nkey’s website is the one-stop-shop for tracking qualifications and invites, including with regard to ladder results.

Meta Reports

Masters Tour Qualifiers Streams

Interested in watching qualifier gameplay and learning from experienced players in the scene? We’ve compiled a list of players all around the world who stream their perspective while playing in qualifiers.

Third Party Tournaments (Upcoming)

Community Highlight of the Week

The goal of this section is to highlight a player, content creator, or overall great person who contributes to the competitive Hearthstone community. There is a very large backlog of people to highlight (and you are welcome to provide suggestions if you think I’ll miss your favorite person), but this week we’re discussing the one person that makes this entire report redundant.

NoProsHere’s very own Pasca is one of the most interconnected people in the competitive Hearthstone scene. Their Twitter feed reads like a more comprehensive version of this report and is a fantastic resource for people wanting to learn about competitive Hearthstone beyond Grandmasters and the World Championship. The Canadian’s resume includes writing the NPH Conquest Meta Report, captaining several teams playing in series organized by Team Hearth Legends, and hosting Hearthstone tournaments for many years.

Really, if you read through this report and found any sort of value in it, Pasca and the work they do is right up your alley.

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