Team NoProsHere Conquest Meta Report #25

by NPH Pasca, and WickedGood

The Schlomance Academy metagame is one of the most diverse that Hearthstone has ever had. Not a single combination of 3 archetypes was dominant enough to win 2 of the 15 open cups this past weekend (Masters Qualifiers Madrid #31-45), and there are still off-meta decks spiking to the top of the win rate chart.

Data summary from Off-Curve: now has a new feature that lets you compare card choices, see popularity trends for any given tech choice, and much more. It is too rich and interactive to summarize here and everyone should go check it out.

Tier List:

Click on the players names to get full lists and deck codes from Yaytears. The names in bold are qualifier winners who were generous enough to write comments about the strategy behind their lineup. Scroll past the tier list to read them.

Meta Defining Lineups:
Soul Demon Hunter, Highlander Priest, Bomb Warrior (Tara)
Soul Demon Hunter, Tempo Mage, Bomb Warrior (Decky)
Guardian Druid, Aggro Rogue, Bomb Warrior (Silvors)

Proven Lineups:
Tempo Mage, Stealth Rogue, Zoo Warlock (Kalàxz)
Galakrond Priest, Aggro Rogue, Enrage Warrior (VoidStacker)
Soul Demon Hunter, Stealth Rogue, Enrage Warrior (와와)
Soul Demon Hunter, Secret Rogue, Bomb Warrior (Beister)
Tempo Mage, Galakrond Priest, Secret Rogue (SCACC)
Soul Demon Hunter, Aggro Rogue, Enrage Warrior (iNS4NE)
Soul Demon Hunter, Guardian Druid, Secret Rogue (ChaboDennis)
Soul Demon Hunter, Stealth Rogue, Bomb Warrior (Vilorck)
Guardian Druid, Tempo Mage, Enrage Warrior (TheBonk)
Guardian Druid, Highlander Priest, Bomb Warrior (Thekhan)

Pretty Good Lineups:
Soul Demon Hunter, Quest Priest, Bomb Warrior (Rainy)
Pure Paladin, Galakrond Priest, Big Warrior (Zilgadis)
Soul Demon Hunter, Tempo Mage, Aggro Rogue (CageTheBadge / Juggler)
Soul Demon Hunter, Pure Paladin, Bomb Warrior (supersam710)
Guardian Druid, Highlander Priest, Secret Rogue (FanBoy)
Guardian Druid, Stealth Rogue, Enrage Warrior (Fosskoush)
Soul Demon Hunter, Quest Turtle Mage, Bomb Warrior (あれっくす)
Soul Demon Hunter, Guardian Druid, Aggro Rogue (trauma)
Aggro Rogue, Zoo Warlock, Bomb Warrior (Raziel / Matangala)
Guardian Druid, Galakrond Priest, Enrage Warrior (Sebi)
Guardian Druid, Face Hunter, Aggro Rogue (Tuliowz)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Face Hunter, Aggro Rogue (에렛지디)

Interesting Lineups:
Guardian Druid, Galakrond Priest, Secret Rogue (Anita)
Aggro Rogue, Galakrond Warlock, Bomb Warrior (Jcee)
Highlander Hunter, Pure Paladin, Secret Galakrond Rogue (Trishula)
Tempo Demon Hunter, Highlander Hunter, Stealth Rogue (HiggsBoson)
Tempo Mage, Aggro Rogue, Galakrond Warrior (とりにく)
Highlander Priest, Secret Rogue, Enrage Warrior (Zuhex)
Pure Paladin, Secret Rogue, Enrage Warrior (Garchomp)
Guardian Druid, Quest Turtle Mage, Zoo Warlock (Montu)
Guardian Druid, Quest Turtle Mage, Aggro Rogue (Dabs)

Comments from the winners:

Decky on Soul Demon Hunter, Tempo Mage, Bomb Warrior:
“I usually banned Warriors. But I think this lineup can beat every deck in this meta. My target was aggro decks like Aggro Rogue. Thanks to 현명한현민이 for making this great lineup.”

Kalàxz on Tempo Mage, Stealth Rogue, Zoo Warlock:
“I just picked 3 tier 1 decks (other 2 remaining being Warrior and Druid), banned the most annoying of these for my lineup (obv. Warrior with Skipper package), built the best versions of Mage and Zoo and took what I think was the best Rogue at that time (still unsure about which Rogue is the best, there are so many), and rolled on people with bad lineups, most of them including Priest, which is gonna fall off a lot I think unless someone refines the class with a decently suited version against lineups like mine. Expecting a lot more Warrior/Soul DH/Druid to come to play, and hopefully we get to see Guardian Animals being nerfed (it’s easy, remove rush, hello?), along with Warrior taking a slight nerf, and I honestly think we’d be close to one of the best metagames ever, with 8-9 (even 10?) classes having a shot at competitive play, which would be quite unseen.”

VoidStacker on Galakrond Priest, Aggro Rogue, Enrage Warrior:
“They line up was very tempo oriented , Enraged Warrior , super aggro Stealth Rogue and Dragon Galakrond Priest. The main target was to trap Pain Zoo as a free win because all three line up decks have very favourable match up for it. Also I wanted to make sure an aggro deck to trapped in general and have a decent Priest beatdown in case I could not auto ban it. I didn’t ban Bomb Warrior at all. Primary bans were Libram Paladin , Priest or Soul Fragemnt DH control. the choices in the line were. for warrior 2x Ooze and 2x Tolvir to make sure i will beat down early on Bomb Warrior and counter their Bombs , for Rogue Akama came as a good grind tool , other than that it was the MVP of the tournament Self Sharpening Sword single carried vs Warriors and all cheaps aggro spell and minions made the faster Rogue of all lists in the tournament. Lastly but not least dragon priest was as a ban bait. Also more proactive list and tempo with so many minions, Cleric plus Raise Dead was MVP engine drawing all my spells and outvalue even bad match ups like Bomb Warrior
that was the full mind set. Druid was my actual auto ban because this line up really struggles vs cheated mana highroll!”

와와 on Soul Demon Hunter, Stealth Rogue, Enrage Warrior:
“When I watched GM matches or played ranked matches, I saw a lot of aggro type decks trying to win class like Priest or Druid. So I made a lineup for catching aggro decks. My lineup was Control DH, Enrage Warrior, Aggro Rogue and I usually banned Warrior. Personally, I think with Tempo Mage is better lineup than with Rogue as an anti-aggro lineup. However, I wasn’t confident in the Mage deck, so I chose an rogue archetype that is advantageous in mirror match.”

Beister on Soul Demon Hunter, Secret Rogue, Bomb Warrior:
“I noticed that Rogue was the most played class in the qualifier #32. That’s why I played Soul Demon Hunter and Bomb Warrior. As 3rd class I selected Secret Rogue because it’s slightly favored against Wapon Rogue and meanwhile it improves the Lineup against Priest. I teched 1 Ooze and 1 Immolation Aura into Soul Demon Hunter against the Rogue and Aggro matchups. I used Bomb Warrior with the Risky Skipper package against the Aggro matchups. Standard ban was Bomb Warrior. If you have any questions regarding the lineup feel free to contact me on Twitter.”

FanBoy on Guardian Druid, Highlander Priest, Secret Rogue:
“Targeting lineups in the current meta is tough. The diversity right now leads to a lot of different decks being brought. I think when you are going into a qualifier you should be thinking much less about how your decks do against particular lineups and much more on the raw power level of your decks. This way of thinking also lends itself to playing decks with non-linear playstyles which is why I prefer Secret Rogue over Weapon Rogue and Highlander Priest over normal Galakrond Priest.”

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