Meet The New Grandmasters, Part Two: TIZS

by NPH Pasca

This series of interviews by Team NoProsHere vows to help fans discover the new Hearthstone Grandmasters promoted for the season of August 2020.

Ching-Li “TIZS” Li is a 27 years old player from Taiwan who earned his ticket to Asia-Pacific Grandmasters by finishing in the top 8 of Masters Tour Arlington, 6-3 in Los Angeles and 6-3 in Jönköping.


NPH: Congratulations on making it into the Grandmasters program! How does it feel?
TIZS: It feels excellent. All the hard work is worthy.

NPH: When did you start playing Hearthstone? Where does your game name come from?
TIZS: I started playing Hearthstone from beta. My game name is similar to numbers 7, 12, and 5, which are numbers of stroke to write my Chinese name.

NPH: Were you competitive from the beginning?
TIZS: It is easy for me to get high legend from the beginning. However, I decided to start participating in tournaments two year ago.

NPH: How would you describe your style as a player? What are your favorite types of decks? What can viewers expect from you in Grandmasters?
TIZS: I like all types of decks except aggro. However, I would bring aggro to Grandmasters if it is needed. So, the viewer can see all kinds of strong lineups from me in Grandmasters.

NPH: How do you prepare for the upcoming season? Who do you practice with?
TIZS: I prepare with tom60229 and GivePLZ.

NPH: What is the competitive scene like in your region or country? Are there a lot of tournaments? Is the community very engaged?
TIZS: There aren’t many tournaments. Most players don’t have teams.

NPH: What advice would you give to players who are just starting to be competitive in Hearthstone?
TIZS: If you play well, never give up.

NPH: Good luck with the season! Are you anxious?
TIZS: I am so anxious. I will try my best to overcome the anxiety and have good performance.

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