Exclusive Interview With WEStone, The Chinese Player In Top 8 Of Masters Tour Jönköping

By NPH Pasca

348 Hearthstone players from around the world were competing this weekend in Masters Tour Jönköping. Warma, from France, took the first place.
We wanted to learn more about one of the finalists who performed on Sunday in the top 8 bracket. Like most players from China, WEStone is mysterious from a Western point of view, because of the sealed server and tournament system the country has. We are very happy that he agreed to answer our questions. Thanks to Conch and Adder59 for making this possible.

NPH: Tell us more about yourself! Where are you from? How long have you been playing Hearthstone? How many hours per week do you play? What are your favorite decks?
WEStone: I’m from Shanghai China, this is my 5th year playing Hearthstone. I devoted myself into competitive Hearthstone since Gold Open Qingdao last year. A top 4 in Qingdao, two top 8 in Chengdu and Xiamen, and a top 16 in Shanghai of all my 6 tournaments made me into one-star master. Unfortunately my points split between 2 seasons, so I didn’t get the tickets to the playoffs, nor the Global Finals. Now I play Hearthstone nearly 50 hours a week. My favorite deck currently is Galakrond priest.

NPH: How does playing for a Chinese team work? How often do you play in tournaments? Who are some of your teammates and what does teamwork with them look like?
WEStone: It’s great being able to participate MT Jönköping as a Chinese player, especially I made it into top 8. This is my third MT, I also participated in Seoul and LA. Sadly absent from Bucharest and Arlington due to Visa and COVID-19.

NPH: How did you prepare for Masters Tour Jönköping? Tell us about your strategy with your lineup.
WEStone: XiaoT and iGSyf helped me a lot during preparing lineups. I think Druid and Priest got the highest power level aside Warrior and DH. Druid is everyone’s third deck and Priest is great in the current meta. I also play Priest a lot. Anduin may not fit the strategy to ban Warrior, so I choose to ban DH, thus I removed 1 Armorsmith and Wraths, cards against DH, in my lineup.

NPH: Is the experience very different playing in Masters Tour compared to events in China? Would you say it’s easier or harder?
WEStone: Maybe more nervous in international game, but not feeling more difficult.

NPH: What are your goals for the future? Good luck and I hope one day we will see you at the Global Finals!
WEStone: My first goal right now is to win Season1 Playoffs. (In Chinese system, there are 2 Season playoffs. To participate in playoffs, the top 4 players with highest points are competing for 1 ticket to the Global Finals.)

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