Team NoProsHere Conquest Meta Report #3

by NPH Pasca and WickedGood

This is your data from last week’s Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers Arlington #46-60. The surprise this week is how good the Rogue class is right now in the Conquest best of 3 format.

Data summary from

Tier List:

Click on the player names to see the decklists and copy the codes on Yaytears. The ones that are in bold are tournament winners who shared pro tips with us. Scroll down pst the tier list to find what they had to say.

Meta Defining Lineups:
Combo Priest, Tempo Rogue, Token Shaman (Memory)
Tempo Rogue, Token Shaman, Aggro Warrior (gle)

Proven Lineups:
Tempo Rogue, Quest Shaman, Control Warrior (GamerRvg)
Combo Priest, N’zoth Rogue, Quest Shaman (Gaby59)
Midrange Hunter, Combo Priest, Tempo Rogue (Fujitora)
Quest Druid, Tempo Rogue, Quest Shaman (MarkusCap / DashingHenry)
Quest Druid, Holy Wrath Paladin, Token Shaman (撒旦降臨)
Combo Priest, Tempo Rogue, Quest Shaman (matff)
Resurrect Priest, Control Shaman, Control Warrior (TechnoGoose)
Combo Priest, Quest Shaman, Control Warrior (Flasch)
Resurrect Priest, Quest Shaman, Control Warrior (Warma)
Holy Wrath Paladin, Tempo Rogue, Token Shaman (znp)

Pretty Good Lineups:
Quest Druid, Token Shaman, Control Warrior (Kino / Odemian / IlluminaTIN)
Resurrect Priest, Token Shaman, Control Warrior (哈利)
N’zoth Rogue, Quest Shaman, Highlander Warrior (Definition)
Highlander Hunter, N’zoth Rogue, Token Shaman (Pipe1F)
Highlander Hunter, Highlander Paladin, Quest Shaman (yztguard)
Quest Druid, Quest Priest, Control Warrior (Falular)
Tempo Rogue, Token Shaman, Control Warrior (NikosFas / HonestZaib)
Highlander Hunter, Tempo Rogue, Quest Shaman (OlafMajster)
N’zoth Rogue, Quest Shaman, Control Warrior (FlècheNoire)
Bomb Hunter, Tempo Rogue, Token Shaman (Flamekilla)
Quest Druid, Quest Shaman, Control Warrior (SCACC / TazzaAje)
Highlander Hunter, Combo Priest, Quest Shaman (Rezdan)
Highlander Hunter, Combo Priest, Quest Shaman (Sjoesie)

Interesting Lineups:
Combo Priest, Token Shaman, Zoo Warlock (HSKeDaiBiao)
Highlander Mage, Burgle Rogue, Token Shaman (Zilvinas)
Highlander Paladin, Quest Priest, Control Warrior (Rjú)
Quest Rogue, Token Shaman, Highlander Warrior (CoravStenom)
Highlander Paladin, N’zoth Rogue, Control Shaman (Gruffalo)
Malygos Druid, Quest Shaman, Zoo Warlock (prince99ITA)
Highlander Hunter, Highlander Paladin, N’zoth Rogue (Lakerfan)
Token Druid, Combo Priest, Token Shaman (Cancerix)
Combo Priest, Token Shaman, Highlander Warrior (Zorkthar)

Comments from the winners:

It was just a free to play aggressive lineup that I could make on the Asia server. Although with my lineup, my strategy was mostly targeting Combo Priest and banning either Token Shaman or Control Warrior. My Shaman list wasn’t the best list without Vessina in my collection but my Shaman got banned all 8 rounds anyways.


The deck archetype choices were pretty standard: I just took some of the best decks and tried them to play as well as I could. There wasn’t a real strategy involved in choosing them besides them being the best. As for the card choices, I had to cut some legendaries here and there because my NA collection didn’t have them. Most notable are Bwonsamdi in priest and Shudderwock in shaman. I did not feel I was missing the cards in most of the games, but I would still advise to play Shudderwock if you have it. The hunter can swap a ton of different cards, it’s most important that you find 30 cards you’re comfortable with. For example, I didn’t like the secret package since I felt I was relying a bit too much on my opponent’s misplays, so I swapped it for a more board/removal-oriented approach. Lastly, the ban was Miracle Rogue, Evolve Shaman or Resurrect Priest, in that order.


The lineup came from the decks developed by me & Hatul for Masters Tour Bucharest. It is a refined version of it for BO3 Conquest. The lineup expects to find an overwhelming majority of Token-Evolve Shaman decks in various lineups (primarily paired with Combo Priests, & Highlander Warrs/Palas/Rogues etc.) while giving a big nod towards controlling lineups that aim to counter these aggro lineups (aka Control Warriors, OTK Paladins & Ress Priests). We expected fewer Quest Shamans, Highlander Hunters & Quest Druids – these are bad matchups for this lineup.
So how does it work?
1. Druid is our ace in the hole – we made it less greedy but way faster on the draw (to still consistently beat Warrior & control) & included double Pyromancer, double Pounce, which made it way better vs aggro & favored vs. Token Shaman. We knew aggro lineups won’t ban it because our Warrior still soaks these bans.
2. Double Pyro, double Acolyte of Pain, double Power Word: Shield instead of the greedy ress package was inserted into Priest, making it too way better vs aggro. While double Seance, Elysiana & Thaurissan were included for the fatigue matchups.
3. Extra draw, The N’zoth package in Warrior (for aggro) + Brewmaster & Thaurissan were included in the warrior for same reasons (maximizing the aggro matchups while countering the traditional control lineups).


My strategy was a soft target on Priest and Highlander Hunter with primary ban on Control Warrior then usually Shaman. My lineup was relatively standard with card choices besides the addition of 1 Spellbreaker on Tempo Warrior to help beat the Khartut Defenders in meta and also helps the Priest matchup.


Hi, my decks were Tempo Rogue (7W-1L-1ban), Evolve Shaman (6W-2L-2bans) and Holywrath Paladin (3W-2L-5bans). I wanted to play Rogue and Shaman because in my opinion those are the two strongest decks in conquest at the moment. I added Holywrath Paladin to the lineup because I love playing the deck and I was confident with it. Plus the meta in the EU qualifiers is more control oriented, I expected some Nzoth Rogue after gaby’s win the previous day so I didn’t wanted to bring Control Warrior. Sadly I didn’t get to play it much as it got banned a lot. I didn’t have any particular tech cards. I chose to run The Storm Bringer in shaman because I think the card is very good in the deck. I also added an extra copy of Truesilver Champion in my Paladin deck and took out the Subdue to have a better matchup against Rogue. The strategy was to ban Warrior or Druid but i didnt face a lot of those, so I ended banning Evolve Shaman a lot. I felt really confident playing against Quest shamans and Rogues with this lineup, even if the Rogue mirror was often decisive.


I ban Evolve Shaman, Tempo Rogue. Everything else is fine, there are some lineups that let me ban Quest Druid. I built the line up to counter aggro and Priest in Asia cups. That’s why I run double Silence over Bwonsamdi and Hunter beats most aggro decks (when you ban Evolve Shaman), only Rogue is problematic.


The lineup is made up of the three decks that are stronger and with the greatest potential of highroll for me in current tournament meta, I didn’t think to target a specific deck but the lineup works good against Combo Priest and Quest Shaman. I generally banned Control Warrior and Evolve Shaman but sometimes it is very important to read what the opponent is going to ban to build a strategy to win with the two remaining decks.


I noticed that a lot of people were bringing a controly lineup because someone won a qualifier with that before, so i tried to make a lineup with decks that generate more value than they can remove and at the same time, do well against aggro, because there’s always people bringing full-aggro lineups. The biggest problem with my lineup was that it was bad against decks that make powerfull boards, like Shaman, Resurect priest, and druid, and also against OTK decks, like Shirvallah Paladin, but noone was bringing an OTK lineup, so it wasn’t a big problem, so i was basically banning these kind of decks.


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