Team NoProsHere Specialist Meta Report #5

By ecoutepasca

Welcome to the Rise Of Shadows metagame! One week has passed by and we have many Masters Qualifiers highlights to discuss.
The week started with Warrior and Rogue being both very popular and extremely strong. Then the community started to refine Druid, Mage and Hunter decks. There is still some hope for Warlock and Shaman, but no sign of Paladin or Priest life at all.

There are two notable ways to build a Rogue deck and they both involve Raiding Party, Waggle Pick, Dread Corsair and Captain Greenskin. The difference is that one of them uses Myra’s Unstable Element and the other has Vendetta.
In Warrior, there is a variety of builds that range from pure Control with fatigue as the only win condition to Tempo builds with Grommash Hellscream and Upgrade! for Wrenchcalibur. The fact that all the spectrum in between is filled with hybrid lists made it complicated for us to sort them for the purpose of data compilation. We ultimately decided to call it Bomb Warrior if Blastmaster Boom is in the Primary deck.

The Qualifiers exclusive to top 200 ladder finishers are excluded from this data, because they had a slightly different format and we didn’t want to introduce an anomaly in our methodology. All you have to know is that these events were dominated by Rogues.

Warriors are starting to suffer from the fact that Druid, Mage and Hunter are focusing their efforts on countering them. Mage’s win rate looks extremely promising and we are looking forward to rating it Tier 1 next week if more pilots perform well enough to justify it.

Tier List:

Tier 1:

  • Myracle Rogue
  • Vendetta Tempo Rogue
  • Control Warrior

Tier 2:

  • Hand Mage
  • Token Druid
  • Bomb Warrior

Tier 3:

  • Oblivitron Hunter
  • Midrange Hunter
  • Zoo Warlock

Outstanding Decklists:

Once again, we would like to thank the players who have been generous enough to offer tips for understanding their lineups.
The links point to YAYtears, you can go there to visualise the sideboards and get deck codes.

Karthi’s Myracle Rogue

MegaGilscor’s Myracle Rogue

Primary deck is also for ladder. I used Primary deck against Rogue every time. Secondary deck is against Token Druid. Fan Of Knives is for 1/1 tokens. Additionally, Mind Control Tech is insurance. Tertiary deck is against Control Warrior. This is valuable customizing. Togwaggle’s Scheme goes well with Myra’s Unstable Element. Sorry for my poor English.


Jia’s Tempo Rogue

Please definitely credit Gallon because he came up with the primary and tertiary list, and I only changed a few things. He also made edits to the secondary.
My comment is that the lists are not optimal yet haha.
Primary: – really need to hit Ooze for the mirror – struggles against early edwin – I do prefer having Leeroy over 2nd Cable Rat, unlike Gallon – I’m not a fan of the faster version with Deckhands, Myra’s and Crystallizers because I don’t think they’re that strong in the mirror. Also Togwaggle in primary gives you a chance to beat Warrior still.
Secondary: – far from optimal – despite shuffling cards, your game plan is not necessarily to fatigue Warrior. It is to create more board states after you have exhausted both brawl and both Warpath – Warrior can out tempo you with Mechs if you go for just fatigue plan – ideal Scheme target is Togwaggle, but don’t Scheme too late because you need enough Lackeys to activate – 2nd Sprint would be good with double Espionage, maybe cut 1 Underbelly Fence for it.
Tertiary: – this deck sucks except against the two board flood matchups – originally I wanted to play Bloodmage Thalnos over 1 Wild Pyromancer. But Pyro allows you to deal with sticky Soul of the Forest boards – I would maybe include a little more value because the hand gets empty really quick. Not sure what to cut though.
Other comments: the lists were kind of rushed because I got the timezone of the tournament confused.
I hope that helps!


Zyrios’s Control Warrior

Played Dragons in Warrior because I didn’t like some cards, for example activating the Executes seemed sketch, so I just play good tempo cards that also heal vs Bombs.
Also when people try to tech vs Warrior, Dragons usually still beat these techs because they kill the opponent then.


Nerdstrom’s Control Warrior

I like playing control warrior because there’s a lot of little decisions that you get to make over the course of the game. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius is just hella fun. Bomb Warrior is also pretty strong but it seemed like people were catching on and starting to target its weaknesses. Control Warrior is getting a bad rap in tournaments because the mirror matches that are taking up to 2 hours and that’s honestly a problem! Elysiana is the culprit here but I don’t think she’s bad for the game. She adds depth to how match-ups play out. Realistically, they should probably increase her mana cost so that you can’t immediately combo her with Baleful Bankers of Youthful Brewmasters. Playing for 13+ hours is not healthy for anyone.

I’ll admit, I’m not great at building decks and this list is one that people had been using with success in the tournaments. The first list is very anti-aggro with Whirlwind and Phantom Militia to help not get your face smashed.
The secondary list originally had an extra Omega Devastator and cut the Execute but I found that Execute was still very valuable in slower match-ups. Also HAD to include my boy Hecklebot. Not only does he help thin decks but he can seriously disrupt your opponent’s game plan. Unseen Saboteur for the same reason. My favorite moment with Saboteur was forcing Togwaggle’s Scheme to put 17 Vicious Scraphounds into the opponent’s deck.
The Tertiary deck is for the mirror match. Other lists had the Mecha’thun package, but I don’t have him or The Boomship so I just went with the classic “let’s hit the turn timer and let the lord decide” package. Thankfully it was never used.


Xilinhung’s Hand Mage

PapaJason’s Token Druid

Ok so when i made these decks the specialist meta was almost exclusively Rogue and Warrior, so I played Token with that in mind.
Deck 1 is for: Mirror, Bomb Warrior, Mech Hunter.
Deck 2: Rogue, Zoo, Murloc Shaman.
Deck 3: Control Warrior or Shaman.
Tech choices for deck 2: added weapon removal, Druid of the Scythe and Zilliax. Druid is a good anti aggro card because it can be used proactively as a 4/2 rush to clear a minion or a 2/4 to defend. Lots of Rogues minions are 3/3s so the 2/4 body often makes trading awkward for them, also it’s often sets up for a good clear with swipe or your hero power. Zilliax doesn’t need much explanation, great card vs aggro.
Deck 3 simply wants to play a ton of value, hence the Scribes, Tending Taurens and Cairne. Since most Control lists at the time were Warrior, DR minions were 3 of the 5 choices, Warrior simply has a tough time with them. Tending Tauren was played because it can be used either to refill the board or buff the board. Flexibility is always a good thing.


Pilou’s Token Druid

I think that Token Druid is probably Tier 1 even though it wasn’t expected. Primary secures the Rogue and Mech Hunter matchups. Secondary is for Warrior and Tertiary is for Aggro board-centric decks like Zoo or mirror. I expect the power of Token Druid to decline, simply because it will now be expected and people will tech against it with Fan of Knives, Mossy Horror and Baron Geddon.


DrBoom’s Bomb Warrior

I feel confortable against most of matchups except Mech Hunter and maybe Mech Paladin. This deck is kinda different from the Control Warrior version. This is kind of Midrange Warrior with same tools to lead with agressive decks . Because you can pressure with board minions against Control matchups and lead with aggro pressure against aggro/mid matchups. So you have this dual effect : board minions and bombs clock. Gromash and lackeys from 1 mana spell could increase more the chance to win in control matchups. I recommend change Hungry Crabs for Doomsayers cause not so many Murlocs right now. The 3rd deck could easily fit Elysiana instead of Barista.


NoGlocko’s Bomb Warrior

My first decklist was an adaptation of Kripp’s Bomb Warrior. The main change that I made was -2 Youthful Brewmaster and +2 Execute. Even with just one day of testing I felt like the Brewmasters were too slow and I was having trouble with single target removal so it seemed like a win win. This was also my go to for control match ups because even with archivist Elysiana, the pressure that bombs plus the well statted minons gave was more than enough to even beat Control Warrior.
My secondary deck I decided to go full anti aggro (mostly for Rogue) and boy did that pay off. With so many tempo plays I needed as much board clear as possible, so I got rid of the early game dead draws like Omega Assembly and Gorehowl. This deck only lost one game against Rogue, and saved my run more times than I can count.

My Tertiary deck was mostly meant to counter Heal Druid. I added 2 Spell Breakers to try to counter Lucentbark, because I was getting ruined by that deck on ladder. Thankfully I never had to use this list since I never ran into any Druids.


Tincho’s Oblivitron Hunter

The first is more general deck, and then have more specifically techs against Control Warrior (like Undatakah, Cairne) and Rogue/Druid (like Grizzly and Safeguard).
The Warrior matchup is like 80/20, if you play it slowly and gaining most value, like no playing another Deathrattle than Whelp and Cairne, to gaining max value from Nine Lives, and then Zul’jin.
And the aggro matchup is more likely trying to killing all his minions and turn 5, 6 start playing some minions/taunt.


Xiaodidi’s Midrange Hunter

Mesmile’s Zoo Warlock

So the Zoo list I put together for my tournament was really a last minute decision. In the tournaments earlier today I had been seeing a lot of Token Druid, and so I played Zoo in an attempt to win that matchup. My first deck is very similar to the most popular Zoo deck, with the only change being 1 Saronite Taskmasterbeing taken out and Leeroy being added. The secondary deck was a counter to Rogue, the Bloodsail Corsair counters Waggle Pick very nicely, Zilliax is very useful in staying alive and winning back board. Rafaam on the other hand is not really necessary for that matchup. I am happy with that deck. The tertiary deck however was not very successful, it was supposed to counter Warrior, but I didn’t have enough time to fully think out the deck. I lost twice to Warrior, but luckily I still managed to secure 8th in the Swiss. I saw someone else include EMP Operative in their deck so I tried it but in retrospect I don’t think it’s worth including.


Satsoc’s Midrange Hunter

I was playing in my American account, where I don’t have a lot of cards, but I wanted to play in that Qualifier so I tried a deck with the cards I had there.
I teched it with the Hunting Party because I thought it would be a lot of Warriors and it has more value vs them than Unleash the Beast.
It went a little bit bad vs Tempo Rogue so i put the Scalehides there and I tried to combine them with the Dire Frenzy.
Vs Warrior i tried to put the Dire Frenzy on the Highmanes and when I had some powerful beasts in hand I played the Hunting Party.
The deck vs aggro is the one that doesn’t have Hunting Party and it doesn’t have one of the Highmanes because I thought they were so slow.


Draz’s Subject 9 Hunter

Nothing very special, the Primary is for everything except Warrior, the Tertiary is for them. I wanted the Secondary to be different so I put Crabs in case of Shaman, but it could be anything else.


Zyrios’s Dragon Control Shaman

So the idea of the Shaman is that Hagatha creates more value than Boom so you can easily fatigue them.
In both lineups I put 1 Bouncer in because if I win game 1 I can go turn limit game 2 and win the series.
Brewmaster is there because all your minions are good to have twice.


2 thoughts on “Team NoProsHere Specialist Meta Report #5”

  1. Hi, I really enjoyed this article since there isn’t a lot of content on the web about this new format. I just have one question, where did you get these players’s insights regarding their deck decisions?


    1. Most of them are on twitter. Others I was able to find on Discord. For some of them I had to add them in game using their battletag to get in touch. Usually when I contact a player who just won a tournament they are eager to discuss their deck.


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