Team NoProsHere Specialist Meta Report #3

By ecoutepasca, MegaHertz and Siveure

We have learned an important lesson in week 3 of Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers. The big movements in the meta come from influencers. Last week, we described a meta coalescing around the dominant Midrange Hunter. It did not look like anything was going to reverse the momentum.

Yessss going to Vegas!! First Specialist cup attempt too! Odd mage seems perfect for this format. Went 7-1 in Swiss only loss was to Odd warrior (won vs it in finals rematch). Third side deck is for pally rogue but could probably be better.— Apxvoid (@Apxvoid) March 21, 2019

And then Apxvoid won Qualifier #67 with Control Odd Mage, at his first participation. More importantly, he streamed his games. Mage went instantly from the second least played to the second most played class.

Made it to Vegas BABY! So happy right now 😀 used @BalorixHS ‘s main warrior list as my secondary deck. Stats are from the 3 qualifiers I played these lists. Make another tertiary deck if you play this lineup btw 🙂— Frederik Møller (@Furyhunterhs) March 21, 2019

Then other pros made comments about the strength of Warrior and Druid, and the players quickly reacted by netdecking in masses.

This is the lineup I would bring to specialist if I had any tournaments in the format to play before rotation. Deck takes a while to learn so if you wanna try it don’t expect to win in the beginning— Casper Notto (@NVD_Hunterace) March 23, 2019

Of course, Hunter remained by far the most popular class, but these trends induced by influent players made the metagame noticeably slower, and Cube decks started performing better than Aggro decks.

The mage bubble peaked at 57% win rate in #72 and at 14% representation in #76.

In a field of many midrange hunters, odd mage has shown itself to be the best performing deck. However, we are unsure how well it would perform if the amount of midrange hunter declined. Already, the most proactive Hunter players have transitioned from Master’s Call to Kathrena Winterwhisp, which is much better against Mages, Warrior and Druids, 3 classes that have seen their frequency rise at one point or another. Control works, but it needs a plan to deal with cube decks (often a Faceless Manipulator + Ironbeak Owl package).

Tier list :

Tier 1 :

  • Midrange Hunter
  • Cube Hunter
  • Odd Mage

Tier 2 :

  • Odd Warrior
  • Control Warlock
  • Myracle Rogue

Tier 3 :

  • Malygos Druid
  • Odd Paladin
  • Mind Blast Priest

Tier 4 :

  • Cube Warlock
  • Even Warlock

Featured decks :

Here are some of the decks that earned their pilots a ticket to Las Vegas. The links point to the website made by YAYtears, you can use it to visualize sideboards and generate deck codes.

Cursed’s Midrange Hunter

Zhotan’s Midrange Hunter

AyRoK’s Cube Hunter

iBeennn’s Cube Hunter

Apxvoid’s Odd Mage

Furyhunter’s Cube Odd Warrior

Menny’s Dragon Odd Warrior

GVv’s Control Warlock

GreenSheep’s Myracle Rogue

Zlsjs’s Malygos Druid (used by Bobbyex this week)

Elfandor’s Odd Paladin

Lawfuldog’s Cube Warlock

Ruby’s Inner Fire Priest

FuF’s Odd Rogue

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