Twinspell – Good, Bad, or just O.K.?

by Gamble

With the announcement of the new expansion, Rise Of Shadows, comes our next new keyword – Twinspell.

Similar to echo, this simple keyword will add another copy of the spell you just cast back into your hand to use again at a later date. Things to note are that the spell is a permanent copy and will not disappear at the end of the turn, and that the copy of the spell will not include the keyword. No infinite value for you!

That sounds cool, is it good though?

2 for 1 cant be all bad

Other than a cool name, a keyword has to be functional too. I mean, nothing can be worse than the Inspire keyword, right?

The thing you have to remember about keywords like Inspire and Twinspell is the world they live in. Inspire didn’t work during its lifetime due to the raw power and kill potential of decks like face hunter and secret paladin.

Twinspell lives in a different world though, a different universe even. One where value cards like Deathstalker Rexxar and Frost Lich Jaina are leaving, and leaving a big void for value cards. With blizzard attempting to step away from this combo and OTK meta, perhaps its finally time for value to take its rightful throne.


Twinspell is a very clear concept of creating extra value out of one card. With a large crowd of value cards from the year of the Mammoth leaving us (I’m looking at you Stone hill defender and Shadow visions), this leaves a big empty space for Twinspell cards to thrive and prosper. I expect this keyword to not only be good for us, but i think it will be great, as long as future cards are better than the one currently released to us.

Seriously. 8 mana for 5 2/2’s is just too slow.

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